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Like i said he's used a pigeon in big games he's won a championship he's been in a couple of world series all at i think i think he'd be a perfect guy for the yankees so i really don't one point three era after he comes over to say that good but i think he'll be he'll be good nine you'll be good i'm kidding around he's approach to me cole hamels is a pro and you get him out of a losing situation into winning situation like that i think he'd be terrific i know do it now the head of them in the laws really their game up in the bottom line and we know the bottom line here what's one of these teams is going to be in a wildcard yeah that's that's that's a given and if you're the yankees you don't want to be that team really comes down to that that's why it's a great race it's not great if you're a yankee fan sitting there on october third getting ready to play the mariners and a one game you know god knows what happens paxton comes in right tweet shutout boy it's the beauty of the race but i think because of where they are even though it is a competitive or american league i think you've got time to throw hormone out there a bunch more times and see what this kid has because what he has shown you not only out of the bullpen but certainly in the first starting made is that he's got great stuff in great potential and with young players even though we may not be used to this with the yankees because everybody comes up and his amazing but young play struggle sometimes sometimes they do look severino had some rough moments copy so luli which funny about severino is he came up and was great then the following year was all and then he put it all together last year now into this year where he certainly a bona fide ace in the american league so i think they're in a position where they can be patient with her mom because i would be and part of why i'd be patient is i really don't have other options of justice sheffield was.

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