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Where is scorched his head have you seen is in that bucket or stealing? Well, He didn't have someone in and clean your desk and I haven't seen it since that happened, so suddenly stolen. Well, you maybe talk to the cleaning person, by the way. Just Jason Riley did a real fun piece was that Riley, who did this one for Jason Gay, Gay said on I'm watching. I watch sports for living, but there's just too many sports right now for me to possibly watch. It is a kaleidoscope of sports available to everybody because of the condensed time. So you've got basketball. You do have lucky you do have football. The the Tour de France is still going on. I think it is still going on. Oh, yeah, Yeah, We're day 50 stage 15. The team, by the way had won. The last seven now is out of it. I had seen that story any. Oh, yeah, Well, I mean, they're still in it, but, yeah, he lost Seven minutes. Grace talk about it. Okay, all the sport. Premier League Major League Soccer, National Women's Soccer League NASCAR cricket boxing, It goes on and on. Yes, so he has to watch all this stuff and it's too much for him to possibly keep up with That's right. It's a very funny article gives his Sofer basically they were, you know, we talked about food desert. There was kind of a sports desert for like three or four months because of the pandemic. People were glomming onto Korean baseball felt like it was the height of, you know, sports thrills. And now because of all the delays, the MBA came back, and they got hln. The plants that you've got The Tour de France has never in its 107 year. History has never been in the month of September. It's always been July everything it's Kramden right down, he says. As a guy he loves because he doesn't He's not running out of Things to write about, but at the same time is a sports fan. You are glutted. It's too much you have to start picking and choosing. It's it's a hilarious article from a sportswriter who you think would be in sports. Seven. He says. Yeah, I am in sports heaven, but it's going to kill me. It was weird during when we were in the desert of sports, but they would be playing like you. Stop you, like hit a bar, or whatever you are you looking at the bar through the window. And up on the television set, they would be. Look, There's the 2014 Super Bowl playing like odd it and go others. Tiger woods from back in the 95 man. It was amazing that they basically were running old sports, You know, like old university, Washington Husky football games or the Seattle Seahawks? Yeah, it was Rerun City. But the Venus because I continue to watch sports talk. I You know, I can't imagine how hard it's been for Most sports talk to get by these last three or four months until now, But they ended up talking about. Well. It was a fascinating to see Tom Brady when he was still a young guy. You know how he did this with that? It actually is not a complete waste of time to watch sports 10 years later, do you learn things about the sport that you didn't realize? At the time, but still that gets old fast, and there's nothing like the thrill of not knowing the outcome. That's what sports is bringing. Let's see what's happening with the NFL when it comes to ratings initial ratings for the first game in the NFL 2020 regular season. Plunged, admitted something that was Thursday night. Thursday night. One went down and then also, I think Sunday Fox, the Fox one did well, but the NBC one dropped 16%. Of the salable demo of 18 to 49 down considerably from its high from last year, and they thought it would do really well because you had L A right that Ella in Dallas L. A is a big market in Dallas. Alice is a huge national mark. And people keep talking about Dallas having this incredible team this year, so I'm sure the NFL is like cheese on wonder, right Ratings are down. Yes, well, so right now it's it's still too early. But just to keep in mind these Saints bucks the Buccaneer game. It was the highest since 2016, too. So I think the thrust of this is it might depend on the matchup. You had Tom Brady going, you know, for the first time in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform going up against Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints. That did. That was the best ratings they've had in four years, and, in fact, not only did better than the opening night kickoff game with Patrick Mahomes. It did better than the Oscars. So it was like the biggest games since the Super Bowl that they've played. So there are there are some ups and downs, but in general, you're right. The ratings are so far down from the last year. I think that is Well, there are all sorts of options. And so the first one's as he mentioned, some people think it's a political cudgel that ifyou're, especially if you're on the right and want to downplay thes ratings. You blame them on thie social justice component to that, and they say Right now, we have no data points to support That it's even a trend because just one game might take time. But if you do, and this it stays low, then that's that's the first thing you have to establish. Are the ratings really low overall, And the second thing is it's they say, it's really hard to figure out why ratings are really low, but that could definitely need it right. I mean, they don't not going to make any money in the stands. People will not be. They're going to the game, so they need you sitting at home watching That question is so the early Nielsen figures this is from the 1 16% drop from the first game of in 2019. And then moms didn't do well that when the 1st 1st game, right, the Kansas get Thursday night Yes. Yeah, that didn't do particularly well, So the other thing is it was because there's a lack of a preseason did people not sort of build up their interest in the very overall games more? They just might mention it overall in the audience dissatisfaction with the games or lack of interest in sports. Given the pandemic. All of these are possibilities, but it is true that it could be a political protest because you certainly here when people are not watching. We got a lot of people writing in on Friday, John about the CIA, saying, I'm not going to bloody watched. You know this game. This is ridiculous. You know that politics is ruining the game. So there are people that make a stand. I just don't know if that's it's one thing to make a stand for a game or two. I wonder if it really impact the entire season or not. I was talking to a listener of our show, and he told me today, said Yeah, I see it. I just, You know, I don't like it. I just ignored. I just love football so much that I'm able to sort of, you know, not Not let that part of it bother me. Yeah, And I think that's that's what you know a pure sports fan That's easy to do If you are complex human being with a lot of political feelings, too. It's it's much trickier. But I've got to say, and I'm in. I'm in favor of the protests, and all I found once the game started that that social justice stuff. Was, you know, sort of fell by the wayside. If it became it felt like a football game to me, regardless of the politics, But you're right. I might feel differently. If I objected to the politics. I still think the game is strong enough. And the appeal is powerful enough on for most of us that the ratings may drop, just like everything on TV is dropping. But I don't know that it will be As a result of well fans, they have a monopoly of the NFL has a monopoly. Nobody else's offering this product and if they continue to drive the way you don't come back again, I'm thinking 1994 Bud Selig, with the major league Baseball went on strike. Cancel the world. Siri's over. This was over union and contracts and baseball never recovered. Their numbers never came back. They made the fans find other alternatives. And that was the end. Major league baseball being a major draw for people to sit and watch the game, but they did creep up each year. The thing is, it's true because it's it's now lost favor with the American public. I mean football is clearly the top sport. That wasn't the case. 60 you know, years ago, the question is, is there something to replace NFL football with In other words, right my guess is a sports fans always going to have a Jones for for a game..

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