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Tension and if you're afraid of heights really lots of tension the director rawson marshall thurber is writing and directing his second film with mister johnson thurber joins us to talk about skyscraper thank you so much for doing this well thank you for having now you are in hong kong which is the movie has said is that right that's correct is it true that you are personally scared of heights i mean did you search your soul for something that would scare you to death i am scared of heights my mom's scared of heights i'm scared of heights yeah i guess maybe i made the wrong movie maybe i should have made a ranch house or something do you find skyscrapers scary i do in fact i'm talking to you right now from the ritz carlton in hong kong on the cowan's one hundred sixteen floor and i'm very very far away from the windows you do have some very high values stunts in this movie dwayne johnson climbs up the superstructure of a massive crane which is is this crane used in building the huge skyscraper or is it just parked out there well in the movie superman that dwayne uses said jump off and enter the burning building is perched atop of building it's under construction adjacent to the pearl so the pearl which is the name of the skyscraper he climbs up the superstructure of a huge crane then realizes he's not gonna make it so his swings out on the hook of the crane and jumps across the gap when crane plus chain is not quite long enough to get him into the burning building now i feel free to mention this in some detail because it's in the trailer and it sounds like a great movie to me tell us how you arrived at the idea of a crane with a too short chain and bursting through the glass of a burning building yada yada yada well i think a couple of things the first is how do you get into a burning building when your family's trapped above the fire line one hundred stories in the air because you can't go in through the bottom and climb your way up so how do you do it right so i i've faced myself with that puzzle and then there's that light bulb moment and i remember it stink and i got really excited because i'd never seen anything like it and and it seemed appropriately kind of over the top for this kind of picture and then the the sort of beats that you talk about we're twins character will soar your first attempts to use the crane hook to get in the net goes wrong and then he doubles back in this is going to try to another way but he can't cut off and forced to make this leap of faith you know this is all sort of stuff that you learn from spielberg his foes in the kind of escalation of tension an escalation of problem that pushes you toward character toward revealing character so dwayne johnson has to make a choice what is his family mean to him what is he willing to sacrifice what is he willing to risk and it turns out is willing to risk everything now you and i believe during johnson as well liked to leave little scraps of humor around the wreckage of your movies isn't that right it's it's a nice way putting it it's interesting that you build up the scary tension and then there's a tiny taste of humor then you go back to the bad stuff you know i mean diehard is one of my all time favorite films it's on the mount rushmore of action pictures without movies about three joke shy of straight up comedy now certainly skyscraper isn't quite as funniest iheart but we found the moments.

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