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You sweetheart. Video they can't retreat the can't run away like us, and they have to wear collared people that create their own destiny told you Donald was the author the choreographer of this story. Jason bay dike had to be brought into it. All right, WGN TBS had breaking the last few minutes that the jury had asked for a transcript before they you know, this this announcement about sequestering they'd asked for a transcript of the testimony of Jason Van Dyke partner. Remember Walsh who was brought up and it was hard to tell exactly who he was helping the most. Whether it's the prosecution or the defense seemed to give a lot of a lot put a lot here was a prosecution witness. Absolutely, right. But remember what he said that he reasonably believed that McDonald was a threat, and that you had to see it from his angle, and he was right behind the he was right behind Van Dyke. And they said, well, why would you have taken shot and said, yes, but Van Dyke was in the way. So this is a. We'll have to see what there are a couple of other things that happened in in his testimony to though and now in the aftermath of this testimony. It was revealed about buying another witness that there was a conversation between Walsh and Van Dyke in the car in which had uttered the words have to shoot this guy, which might be read in two different ways. Right. And and it seems that in the court, it seemed that it was read like, oh, my God this guy as opposed to shoot this guy. So that's they may be looking at that before. It's all said, it'd be the part they're looking at. They didn't explain that. There is you the walls chest money. It's not that. It'll be that's in another piece of testimony. But it would it'll be interesting to see how much more they ask for or if they go back tonight now that they realize they're going to be sequestered if they go back tonight and continue to deliberate or they take the rest evening off and then reconvene tomorrow morning. Thank you little bit more on what is happening in the courtroom. So Van Dyke attorney. Time. We judge that his daughter was threatened at school today and Van Dyke started to cry then the attorneys daughter Vendex, Dr attorneys daughter, but then Van Dyke in the courtroom sorta to cry. That's from Iraq wrong. All right. I'm assuming that he made the announcement. Because maybe the judge wanted to know about any threats are all right now, we'll get we'll get Eric on the phone here. Coming up in just a few minutes. All right. Meantime, we'll get back to the top five. Right. Average eighty what else is happening in the newsroom. Well, a sequestered jury awaiting public and us city getting ready. Inbound travel times are heavy the Eaton's already in our lake cook road to the junction thirty five minutes back out inbound Kennedy's an hour. Twenty minutes O'Hare to downtown about an hour. Five outbound for personalized traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app. It's approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg, just search T R A F F, I X Chicago. I'm Violeta podrumedic in WGN. Traffic central. Back to Ciro. Tactic. Hey itself's to break. John Patrick Kane. Blackhawks season starts in Ottawa against the senators. Chris boden. John and Troy. Season of Blackhawks hockey on Blackhawks radio seven twenty WGN. He just this message with.

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