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Visit fans should be here tonight next route sixty six music Lynch. We'll present a questionable song with a Mexican connection of short hit. That's about an invitation. And our I love song of the night will be long. So and to qualify as a route sixty six short song the record has to be two minutes short or less and a long song asked to be four minutes or longer. But we'll get to those all investment. I've wanna tell you about our event at the Missouri history museum day from picked up the paper a little while ago and their page to Saturday addition of the post-dispatch and Joe Hallam's column Joe Saint Louis, I see and I will read from what he is written here. It's called candy land the next Nostalgie nod with yours truly promises to be delicious. Wednesday this coming Wednesday, the eighth Missouri. History museum, I'm going to be sending show called a history of sweet Saint Louis. The event began said ten thirty AM in the museum's Liana tour, actually, the doors will. Open a temp and Clint hussy will be there to play guitar and some sweet music on guitar. You may have seen or heard him on our cable awakes holiday radio show. Our show him at our ninetieth anniversary celebration for Ted ruse last week. And you can listen to them tomorrow from noon to one thirty here in Cam like a very good program. I'm this program. We're going to be doing it. The history museum on Wednesday will recall the places that potions to that local love for years such as Morocco. Candy and busy bee and hers world's fair. I scream cones and numerous numerous neighborhood bakeries and so much more. And speaking of the swirl as he has written here will be food writer. Suzanne Corbett has a special program Dan able of chocolate chocolate chocolate will talk about guess what? And Dr Harley Hammerton will hammer men will have a few things to say, especially about the velvet freeze chain of ice cream parlors at once. Dada. The metro area by late fifties. Eight forty five. Five location. And then we'll have a panel discussion about local confections tweet ten things from the past and the present. And maybe even talk about the future. Pat AB Pat is a food writer freelance food writer for the post-dispatch. He will be there on the panel as well. Travis Dylan from Ted Bruce frozen custard. And talk about the history of frozen custard and Saint Louis, and we'll have joy Christensen day mistress of the fountain on local at thirty thirty seven locus where you can get the Johnny rabbit. Monkey mall. I had one this week. And it is delicious mornings at.

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