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You'll force you know i don't know anybody under american side with from the scientists who would come often an alternate but he did in nineteen ninety seven so twenty years later russian are pick he's no longer you know dormant situation all due building up forces of course you're for than you assumed the flank or so they have to research do would be negligent you've been did not you know i think about colonel sokolov who i thought was are just a fine gentleman from a good family and you have that he was in a tough spot at the time that we spoke to him and got information he shared with us i mean it was a different political situation glass notion para strike and russia was open and the former ussr was opening up and they had high hopes in sort of the window has close things have changed who is in charge i don't blame him for being careful he doesn't want to be known as somebody who leaks secrets you know it that might not be good for his health so i certainly understand i hope he's doing okay all stone hell always great to have you hear i hope you keep a so keep me posted on what you've got going on you got a new book coming out just let us know our or any of those videos i'll be happy to re post i'm correa okay you do good stuff that work thank you thank you so much thanks again and i hope you're stay in touch i want to say thanks to earlier guests as well professor james see cord and doctor sean oh new long and do my colleagues there at the coast to coast nathan state and gonna walker danville on a year went master tonight like sloane hood and are producer chris boras i'll be back next sunday night george nori is here tomorrow night hope you can tune in tonight everyone.

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