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Think we should go see Mr.. Hanford. Good I'll get a. Squire I drive a taxi waiting. Outside come. On See what's the meaning of breaking I'm going to give you a just two minutes to, tell me. Where you're dug taken miss bone and, if, you, don't, tell, me. Ringer scrawny neck word. Outlook MasterCard I know you're excited Later I've gone way past that, cheap gang. Leader you weren't able to find as, a, man, who's, been, your. Unofficial adviser Mr. Cyrus Out of your mind Glenys phone calling me last night and tell me he knew who. Was behind the gangs are you had them killed before? I could get away I didn't even really. Made such a co take a look up is editor you, wrote in tonight's daily crusader It says that Blaney was leaving the building to get a pack of cigarettes. When he was murdered there wasn't anybody else in the? Building you could have told that too so. How did you know his reason for going out of that. Time I'm guessing only guessing guessing Mr.. Hamper because Jack told me over. The phone that he was going up for cigarette soon what about it On that phone conversation was, the only way you could have known about those cigarettes and when you wrote the editor unconsciously. Prove your own Hey I never even Mr. Hanford but it is kind of. Funny that every time we'd plan a raid on, one of the months, gambling is is they seem to know about. It ahead of time you go into court with any such ridiculous evidence laughing face your face your two. Minutes are up and you're gonna, tell me where pets His hand on the Break your neck and I won't be I don't know By me Crash she hasn't been heard it all not hurt at all I haven't here in a few minutes okay go ahead Making Hello This is the. Voice You're what I said about, the girl about Benny putting the girl. Out of the way Yeah well Good. Fast Tricks.

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