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Rex Ryan has been an institute your guest on our show mornings on ESPN get up. He is one of the most interesting people in and around the football world. He was the coach for many years of my favorite pro football Team New York, chats, he has lived a football life that is somewhat different. I think than almost anyone else's ever. And he is one of the the the pair of the most handsome football twins ever to be born into the National Football League Rex Ryan, absolutely. Appreciate it. Greenie, great of you to do this. And thank you. And we're having this conversation here on a Monday after another very interesting NFL Sunday, and we'll get into some of the specifics of what's going on in the league right now coming up, but I want to start with this. You were twenty three years old in nineteen eighty-five. What are your? Recollections of the eighty five pairs. Oh my gosh. I mean, clearly, you know, I it's to me was the greatest defense in the history of the game. But really the best team. I think also. In history. Everybody appointed the one loss, and you know, like Miami killed him. That's not true go back and look at those stats they gave up three hundred and three yards. I think really that's it. So they were wanting to play the dolphin so bad in that Super Bowl because they were gonna they were gonna tear them. You know what? So I think that was what I remember. It was great. We used to always, you know, we'd be a in a we'd have our little drink on and all that kind of stuff watching all those games, and and then we'd be cranking tunes and all that stuff. Another one by Saddam's, we play it after every game. And then I remember when they beat on a Monday night. That the neighbors downstairs played another. I went down there. And and somebody got dusted, and it wasn't me. I should've loser van I should have prefaced. The question by saying your dad buddy was the legendarily the defensive coordinator on that team. And they carried him off the field as they did. And then of course, the following year. He was the head coach of the eagles. I remember that team so vividly because I was freshman in college at Northwestern University in the Chicago area in the fall of eighty five and that was before there was direct TV. And before they were, you know, before he would have a sports bar, even and watch games anywhere you wanted. So you watched whatever was on. So I watched every game that year, and I have a long maintained in a one year timeframe that's the best team in NFL history. You just said I would pick that team to beat any other team for one year. They didn't they didn't have the prolonged success. He can't compare them to the Steelers and the forty Niners and the Packers and all of that. But for one year, I thought it was the best what ball team IRA saw. Absolutely. I totally agree with that. You got Walter Payton is running back. Jim McMahon who is very competent quarterback Willie gone at JIMBO covert should be a hall of fame. Tackle. I mean, they were they were absolutely loaded. But you know, what I thought it was just the they've everything else. Also like every team everybody wanted to watch the bears and to meet look they do the Super Bowl shuffle. They record that thing by the way, that's a real deal that they did after they got beat by the Miami Dolphins. Like, that's just how you talk about swag. And all that. Oh my God. And let's face greenie all these new rules in the league right now. Yeah. Protecting the quarterback all these type of his. Yeah. All they wanna to do is like they'll never want to see a Chicago bear type style of defense ever played again. And they knocked out ten straight quarterbacks starting quarterbacks never finished the game against him ten straight. So there was the most dominant defense team in most dominant team I've ever seen certainly I have said somewhat jokingly. That I think that team could have punted on first down all year and gone eight. I really I think it could've played no offense and one half their. That's a good point. I'll never forget, you know, being a student I use that term loosely at Oklahoma and in going down and watching you know, they played at Dallas..

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