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Wherever were not wanted. We feel we really need to get there and get there quick. Because the royal geographical society will fatten celebrate us and to beth with a certain sense was the jewel in the crown of places. You couldn't get and this provoked a whole new generation of explorers and they all wrote books those who made it back again and they're all on my desk but then a curious thing began to happen. In the middle of the nineteenth century. People thought mountains were cold places. Places certainly would walk around. You would never walk up one if you could avoid it. There was no magic to mountains. They were inhospitable places. Hardly had the sense of majesty we now that they now evoked fourth but later on in the nineteenth century a curious phenomenon began to happen. And you see it in. Our people began to paint landscapes. Never used to do that. They painted saints painted portrait's but they didn't paint landscapes just empty vistas natural. This there was a kind of fascination with naturalism and a fascination with mountains and this arose as people were being sort of snarled up been ground down by the industrial revolution reading dickens in the mud and filth and the smoke and the destitution of urban life was beginning to come over people so what happened was a kind of romanticism of mountains of solitude of nature and people started wanting to go up. Mountains and mountaineering was born. Now remember that guy. They found dressed in a leather suit up and some austrian glacier about five ten years ago. Well this man was not a mountain climber. this guy was hundreds of. I can't remember when what era he came from but rest assured he was not up there with his lycra jacket and his gortex pants. He was probably trying to chase him. Sheep down get them authorized glacier and he ended up going to his ultimate reward. Mountains were feared but now people suddenly found the challenge so they began to climb them well. All of the british and india of course had no alps british back in great. Britain had no alps there alps. It turned out where the himalayas and they had avoided. It hadn't really been very interested in them in one of the things they did because they couldn't go there that abedin's wouldn't let them in. They trained a very interesting group of indians. Called the pundits nuts where the word pundit comes from. They train them to go in disguise dressed us to batons with hidden in their canes and rosary beads. That had the just the proper number of beads on not like normal tibetan rosaries but so they could count the miles as they walked. And the pundits went all over tibet and matt to bet for the british and this was the first acquaintance really the first way that they began to fill in the great blank on the map and then the lure of getting to lhasa culminated for a moment. Nine thousand nine hundred four when the british fearful that the russians were going to colonize all of central asia and that they had some grand plan had succeeded through a brat mongol and winning over the dalai lama. they launched an expedition the military expedition to lhasa. Young husband expedition and they slaughtered a whole army of tibetans and they reach lawson. They forced law so to sign an agreement with them allowing a trade representative in some sort of intercourse between lhasa and delhi..

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