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Out of stars in sports bigger than jose canseco and what happened to him after his stardom involves nothing but craziness he's on twitter asking people for chandeliers he doesn't have money he uh is it you you pick up his twitter account and for some reason they're goats with diapers in the back seat of his car near you it is finger reportedly falls off during a poker match he was on latte he was wearing lavender speed owes on one of those reality shows the general was the real world or something like it and now what has happened let's play the imaging right now that we used to have it's been a long can also he's responsible for the sing is singlegreatest play in the history of sports which is when a groundrule double bounced off of his head for a home run two extra basis for the opponent in an extraordinary show of clumsiness a fly ball hit him on the top of their head and bounced out of the stadium for a home run greatest plane sports history it's bad to highlight the rambling a crazy person it's also said ghost point of the day well tweets of the day because he was all over the place and it rare forum yesterday i think got fired for some of these tweets you got fired from his job and i would ask you again the hell was can say could do oregon and baseball how how did he have a job gonna like it wait a minute you know what this reminds me of when this company fire rush limbaugh for being rush limbaugh like what's the point of having jose canseco as an employee of yours unless you're going to allow him to be jose canseco.

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