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For empire, actor jussie smollet smaller appeared in Chicago courtroom earlier this afternoon, they think happened is the Jesse Smolin orchestrated this entire thing. Even took those two brothers to the location. He points at a camera and said to them that is that's the camera that will capture this event he told the brothers to put a noose around his neck. He told the brothers initially to gasoline on him that was then changed later to bleach. He was the state says involved from the very beginning. Correspondent Nick want a woman who exposed her breasts during a protest in Richmond on Monday won't be staying in jail. A judge originally ordered forty-five-year-old Michelle Sutherland held without bond. But today the judge decided to release her own personal recognizance, why the change apart? Her attorney tells the Washington Post, the judge didn't realize Sutherland was exposing her breast. It's part of a political protest where she dressed as the state seal to support the equal rights amendment. While Sutherland got good news today, the ERA which would ban sex discrimination. Didn't the Virginia house of delegates blocked ratification of the amendment header Curtis on WMA, Allen, WFAN dot com. Saying no one was injured. But a Florida mayor is under arrest accused of shooting. A sheriff's deputies who were trying to serve a warrant Pasco county. Sheriff Chris nocco says is department swat team was fired on when they announced their arrival at the home of the mayor of port Ritchie. We've previously had arrested in for domestic violence several weeks ago, maybe a month or two ago. As his position our questions. You ask the citizens of port Richey why he's elected into that position. But from our standpoint, nobody's above the law. Doesn't matter. What your physician is gonna be held accountable. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says he's not interested in running for the Senate Pompeo says he'll serve as secretary of state as long as President Trump wants him to do so Pompeo represented the fourth congressional district in Kansas before he became secretary of state. His name has been floated as a possible replacement for the seat presently held by retiring. Kansas Republican Senator Pat Roberts Pompeo is seen as an easy win. Should he run for the seat which would help maintain the GOP majority in the Senate in twenty twenty Linda Kenyon, Washington? Monkey singer Peter Tork has died..

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