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He actually wanted them to live in the white house to be ready for the cocktail hour. So the second floor of the white house becomes the most exclusive residential hotel. You can possibly imagine all the cocktail guys living there living there during world war two so it was pretty cool. I got to go back and stay in the room. Where winston churchill had lived during world war two. When hillary clinton was there she heard me talking about how i wished i knew where everyone hid live during world war two so she invited my husband and me to a sleepover in the white house and i figured out that yes chelsea clinton was sleeping. Were harry hopkins his foreign policy house advisor f._d._r.'s was the f._d._r.'s people were not his people f._d._r. Was sleeping in the room that clinton's latest leptin and we were in winston churchill's bedroom so i was sure he was in the corner. I wanna drinking his brand and smoking. A cigar. Churchill enjoyed a stiff drink. I'm sure was great f._d._r. His drink of choice. I'm gonna guess sloe region phys well. He had his own sort of weird concoction of the martini that he would make oh he was a mixologist of of sort of a special mixture and he is lame hipsters who go themselves. It was always a visionary always fees and you might do it someday. Sorry we're getting off track. Keep going doors. You're also considered a sports journalist of your a brooklyn dodgers fan growing up. I heard heard why baseball what's interesting about it. Just the good looking guys now. It's not really just i mean. They're not so hunky many of them no. It's got much much deeper roots. My father loved baseball. I was the third girl in the family. You taught me when i was i was he taught me how to keep score. You're so that he would come home from work in brooklyn during the day and i could record for him. The history of that afternoon's brooklyn dodger games so when your father listens to you for the play by play inning by inning he thinks any makes you think he's telling you a fat. I'm telling him a fabulous story. It makes you think something's magic about history. It's where my love of history came from. In fact i'm convinced i learned how to tell a story from those nightly sessions father because at first i'd be so excited i would blurt out the dodgers. The dodgers lost which took much of the drama of this as long telling away so i learned yet to tell the story from beginning to middle to end and then of course the dodgers abandoned us and went to just going to say when they left were were you able to to still you know pulled for them or did it did it. All now. Now bro. I knew more is to send letters to walter o'malley the owner we used to lease to have petitions against him when i was a little girl then finally i went to harvard and i went to fenway park and a park so reminiscent of ebbets field became an equally rational red sox fan and we've had had season tickets for more than thirty five years so baseball's huge part of my life. I wake up thinking about them in the morning when they lose. I don't even want to read the newspapers. It's it's unhealthy but it's a happy happy unhealthiness. I would've been way pork. One time i bought it was so excited to go. There and i sat behind a poll. The guy sold me a ticket that was behind a poll. I i mean that's the problem when you go to an old stadium but it's got charm right charm and i really studied the layers of paint on that in the rush that i bet you didn't you in grave something on it. That ron was there. I don't know how i'm gonna say this. I carved a little heart or be a plus d k g. I listen to it now. Finally i'm going to have to go through. It's in the right field woman. Cha cha rykiel. You've got this so doors are you. How are you feeling about the current..

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