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In case that wet bar, you know became Too much of a wet bar. Then I would have my studio space there and then I would have like a little man cave entertainment complex lights, not big but light just so that it didn't distract me from the work that we have to do. But I think this is a brilliant idea. If you have the backyard, you should take one of these sheds to these prefab ones you could buy on Amazon and flip it turn it from a shed into a work from home space. No, it's really not a bad idea, considering I think a lot of people are even admitting that their offices or their businesses aren't going to go back to a typical office space. So now that you know this is going to be more long term. You should maybe invest in something like this. Think I'm going to need to go find a house that's got some land. Just say Toby and chilly in the morning. 97.1 Washington This comes from a story that I saw in People magazine will post a link for you on the Toby in Chile. Page at wash FM dot com. All right, everybody stay right there. Because we've got a look in Toby until his top stories coming up in minutes. What are you working on? Virginians may see a familiar face on the ballot for governor next year will tell you who it is in minutes Right now. Another look at traffic. Lisa Beeton. What's going on. Police activity affects the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Westbound span on ly one lane open to the right. Eastbound span of the Bay Bridge is wanting a two way traffic pattern in Virginia. We had a crash. Great falls, Georgetown Piket Lee Mill Road. They're clearing a motorcycle wreck with Toby and chilly in the morning. I'm Lise abated on 97.1 FM. Your true friends are the people in your life that totally get your inside jokes, your unique style most important what you want to eat? Taco Bell knows that when you get together with your real friends, it doesn't matter what you're doing, but it might as well be something that everybody can get into like the taco and burrito cravings packed with four crunchy tacos.

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