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Thirty nine year old Amelia Earhart world-famous errant disappeared somewhere above the Pacific diffic- Ocean on July second nineteen thirty seven neither she her navigator Fred Noonan nor their plane were ever found despite an extensive search their disappearance caused an international sensation almost immediately people began to speculate about and what might have happened it was widely known that Amelia had disappeared during the longest and most arduous leg of her journey over open the ocean with her gas running low many people assumed she simply ran out of fuel and crashed in the water where she and her navigator ultimately perished perished this was the official story put forward by the US Navy will call this the crash and sink theory this theory is based on the philosophical official notion items Razor I described in the thirteenth century this principle assumes that the simplest answer is usually the right one no trace of earhart noonan the plane or any of their cargo was ever found despite countless searches of nearby islands and thousands of square miles of ocean so perhaps it safe to assume that earhart and her electra are simply sitting on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean where they've been since July second nineteen thirty seven but there are several problems with this idea I any radio transmissions nations received after nine. Am that morning have to be considered hoaxes this includes noxious Dana Randall story but also similar accounts in Florida Texas and several other places while not all of these reports were considered credible the sheer number of them suggests that there was something odd hitting the airwaves in July of Nineteen thirty seven second if the plane had hit the water hard enough to kill or severely injure uh-huh earhart and Noonan it seems likely the craft would have broken up spilling its contents and leaving debris in the water that could have been found by search vessels yet not one piece of debris was ever seen if earhart had managed to land the plane on the water and survive she newnan Newnan had rescue equipment including flotation devices in rubber rafts if they were uninjured they surely have transferred to a raft and even if the plane sank and they'd later perished the raft should have eventually turned up plenty of people found these questions it's too big to ignore and they've posed several other compelling theories about what might have happened to the errant and her navigator which leads us us to our second theory perhaps earhart crashed on Gardner Island and survived there for an unknown period of time according to several post disappearance transmissions Erhard claimed her plane was down on a reef sixteen-year-old Dana Randolph insisted that Erhard specifically Lee said it was a reef south of the equator another credible transmission was heard by a woman in Texas on the evening of July second second she said she heard earhart and recognized her voice from Radio Newsreels Ehrhardt said she had crashed on an uncharted island and and her navigator was badly injured the plane she reported was half in the water get another transmission allegedly received in in Florida at around that same time suggested a similar situation with a plane partially submerged in water and slowly sinking Erhard's destination Helen Island is north of the equator there four hundred miles to the south sits Nico Moreau Island island known in the nineteen thirties as Gardner island it's the closest Landaburu Island south of the equator to Howland if she'd continued on the line she reported in her last transmission it would've brought her near Gardner during the initial search in nineteen thirty seven the USS Colorado auto search the area around Gardner Island spotter planes flew over the atoll and reported that there were signs of recent habitation but but this didn't rows their interest because they had no idea the island had been uninhabited for several decades but conspiracy theorists wonder I wonder if perhaps it was inhabited for a short time by Amelia earhart and Fred Noonan a partial skeleton and a navigational tool will were uncovered under a tree at Gardner three years after earhart disappearance adding to the theory that she crashed there but in nineteen eighteen forty one forensic study of the bones suggested it was a short mail over forty five years of age Erhardt was tall and only thirty nine this analysis however was called into question in the nineteen nineties when another examination determined the bones were consistent with Erhard size and were in fact those of a woman but there's no consensus on which analysis is correct many contemporary scholars argue that we have no reason to question the original assessment ultimately the bones are less than conclusive regardless of the identity of the bones this theory has been the most popular among researchers over the years as early as nineteen thirty seven George Putnam himself searched all the islands in the region including Gardner Island and while Putnam found nothing that convinced convinced him his wife crashed in the area other researchers have been more hopeful a diverse range of objects that might have belonged to earhart Noonan or their Lockheed Electra plane have been found on Gardner these include zipper shards of American made bottles and a jar matching the ones wins used by an American freckle ointment company during the Nineteen Thirties. There's nothing definitive about this evidence between the time of Amelia's disappearance appearance in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven and a collection of these artifacts there have been other inhabitants of the island who might have left these objects behind a community the of Gilbert tease natives lived there from nineteen thirty-six into the nineteen sixties and US Coast Guardsmen were stationed there throughout World War Two there's one artifact in particular that researchers have identified as telling however a shoe it's the kind of Oxford Amelia war during during her flight and a women size nine which based on photos of Amelia this looks like it was more or less her shoe size but even even this artifact is less compelling than it initially seems Amelia's sister and two surviving pairs of her shoes all indicate that she he wore a woman's size six the shoe couldn't have been hers still the hope that something might might be found on Gardner island has not waned in two thousand twelve a photograph taken on the island in late nineteen thirty seven I was digitally enhanced the enhancement reportedly showed what appeared to be a Lockheed Electra landing gear sticking up out of the water water near the wreck of an old ship in August of two thousand Nineteen The New York Times reported that Robert Ballard the underwater explorer who found the titanic in nineteen eighty five was heading to the island to search for the plane the picture had convinced him that it was worthwhile but if the plane is there why have no previous expeditions seen it under the water the answer to that question is simple Gardner Island Lind is actually a plateaus sitting atop a ten thousand foot underwater mountain if the post disappearance radio transmissions are accurate ehrhart may have landed near the edge of the island and her plane may have slowly slid off that edge with the tides Ballard's exploration of Gardner the island is currently underway his ship has state of the art equipment unlike anything that has previously been used by searchers these include remote controlled cameras and vehicles that can go as deep as twenty thousand feet it remains to be seen if his expedition will find anything thing if it does the story will be complete but if it doesn't then perhaps proponents of our third and final theory will feel oh justified supporters of this theory claim that earhart and Noonan didn't crash anywhere near Gardner Island or Howland island for for that matter instead they believe the pair crashed farther west earhart and Noonan were captured by the imperialist Japanese and died at their hands this theory I gained notoriety in nineteen forty-three propaganda film called flight for freedom which depicted depicted and Amelia earhart inspired character as an American enlisted to spy on the Japanese during her global circumnavigation the film was not based on fact or research and was intended to stoke anti-japanese sentiment as World War Two raged but its impact has been enormous it birthed the idea that Amelia earhart's disappearance was tied up with Japanese American foreign relations propaganda is not the most promising promising start for a theory but over the years theorist have attempted to find more substantial proof that there's a real story behind the film Tom The most compelling things they've turned up our eyewitness accounts from Pacific Islanders of Caucasian woman and man these witnesses say they saw the pair on Japanese controlled islands around the time of EARHART's disappearance in nineteen thirty seven but there's a major problem problem with the theory none of these Japanese controlled islands were anywhere near Halland earhart nunes target on the day of their disappearance Uh in fact early versions of the Japanese.

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