Josh Hater, Brewers, Lorenzo Cain discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Well gene before we talk about what happened on the diamond last night in baseball's. All, star game unfortunately we have to talk about what happened off of it and it revolves around brewers reliever Josh hater who late. In the ball game and then afterwards saw social media. Erupt when past tweets, by the brewers lefties surfaced now these were posted by hater when he was about. Seventeen years old gotta go back to two, thousand eleven and two, thousand twelve the problem is many. Of them are, racist and homophobic so. After the ballgame the brewers reliever faced a throng of media around his locker room around. His, locker. I should say to, apologize Like. I said before turn seeking There's, no excuses Hater has lacked. His Twitter account. At this time there's been, no, further. Statement no no Stephen. Of any kind I should say by major league baseball or by the brewers organization. For that matter meanwhile heater and company are back from the break Friday night at Miller park to take on the dodgers teammates were also, asked about, this including, teammate Lorenzo Cain. A fellow all-star Crazy stuff We can follow each other quarter. Every day I'm sure Move on. From this Folks Lorenzo Cain saying there that they'll move. On it'll. Be it'll be interesting to see how quickly hater is allowed to move. On you think about going into other stadiums and opposing fan bases and the type of backlash she will be facing maybe. Forever but certainly you'd imagine for the rest of this season by as we said, earlier, Ryan Braun might be an individual that heater would want to seek out as to how to deal with controversy from opposing. Fans when you hit the road.

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