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It's an illness as far as i'm concerned. The brain is in oregon. The heart is in oregon. You can get hard to see to. The lungs are are an organ get lung cancer. So bring is an oregon. Lincoln have a disease so aaron as you know the focus of our conversation this week is hope there are treatments that are scientifically proven to work. And there's lots of bright spots in there have been many successes but it's not always easy so now we're going to hear some thoughts from our panel made up a family members talking about what they've learned along their own journeys with mental illness. Family is really or you need an app. You need someone to advocate her. You just you have to have someone behind you. I have to say. I spend a lot of time learning of the mental illness and what my sister is doing or not doing and taking classes in and participating in different activities. You're going to have to be patient. You're going to have to to low them through the hard times you you have to realize it's not themselves as speaking out. It's not their true personality. There is no intent. They are ill even when things are bad. They're doing the best they can't. I'm in a lucky position. That i have a close relationship with my son even still and i know. That's really tricky to hold onto schizophrenia. And it feels. It just feels good. You know he's not the same person may be. That was going to be a baby or maybe even the same person he was diagnosed. But he's still just is wonderful person that i love so much. They're all living in nfl that we're in great shape now. I actually one is buried. Salihi assistant excellent. They're all working. They all have cars. Were live very grateful date today that we are where we are and our expectations in life are different than other people's there will be no lawyers doctors but we have great things happening with them other just different than what other people have. It's hard yeah. You run into a lot of walls along the.

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