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Once again this is Oscar Fernandez and today on the show we put the spotlight on Costa Rica and how the Black Lives Matter Movement challenges the stereotype of Costa Rica as a quote Unquote Switzerland of Latin, America. Any true student of Latin American history knows that the African diaspora has long face struggles for equal rights and social justice in places like Lumbia Brazil. The Dominican Republic etc, etc.. Costa Rica Hand flies under the radar on the struggles for social justice because of its perception as a stable democracy free from the same geopolitical struggles faced by other countries in the Western Hemisphere. But in the struggle for social justice, perception is not always reality. Costa Rica Micro notice. Costa Rica might fly under the radar. And a few problems facing Costa Rican society today might be minor compared to historical problems in other countries in that America. However black lives matter movement has changed the game. There is a new dawn developing forever Latinos. Is challenging the complacency and perception of Costa Rica. Switzerland of Latin America. And so this movement in Costa Rica under the Lens of black lives, matter deserves a new examination of what it means to be an Afro Costa Rican and so witless on the show today is Pamela Cunningham. She's an Afro Costa Rican activist and the CO founder of Costa Rica Afro. She joins us over the phone today from Costa. Rica welcome to Chopin on Cunningham. I are. Are You thinking? Is a pleasure to have you on the show I today. We've been dying to do a show on Costa Rica for a long time. And for the black lives, matter of movement and the momentum that is carried various in America is gives us the opportunity to do so, but before we get into detail about the movement as it pertains to Costa Rica. Let's first begin by talking about. What is your organization? Go Study Afro and the work that you guys do. Of course, so puts the Cup an apple feminist organization. We're focused on providing visibility. Lobbying in favor of the human rights of the Africa getting population, and he really started as A. Response of sorts of Of the exclusion that we felt from the white feminist movement industry. So? We decided to to create our owner. Invasion a lot less structured I'm more focused on results. THAN ON HIGHER So we've been working for the last five to six years of sharing our our knowledge and learning from others both in and outside of academia. Lobbying for change and using social media specialty to provide education and disability to the struggle. Yeah indeed, and that's what brought us to our attention Costa Rica Afro was social media. Let's through the few Costa, Rican. Followers of ours our twitter bodice to your attention, so in light of recent momentum created by the black lives matter movement. How has it perhaps magnified some issues? The African study community that has otherwise been neglected by the rest of the country. Because again you know part is, conversation is not just black lives, matter, but also sort of as a form of deconstructing the myth of Costa Rica's. Shangri law the Switzerland of land America where nothing. Really happens when compared to its neighbors and other historical. You know history historical points inland American history. Correct show. It is true and we. Went compared to our neighbors in Central America or South America. We've had relative piece, right? We don't have an army so We haven't seen civil war since nineteen forty eight. Doesn't. That doesn't. Mean that we haven't had our internal conflicts with ric. Rica's deeply. Racist Society and the nationals ace identity has been created in a position to what is a black or indigent, so the the whole idea of being Costa Rican has been constructed Abban whiteness rate so the. Afro descendants indigenous population amongst others in the country have been ignored or have disability rights so. This this have been issues that have been happening. Since forever but the idea nine countries that you know we don't have this issues. racial problems are problems are outside because. We're all the same rate in Costa Rica. We like to do the. We like to call ourselves because I. we like to call ourselves. Because race, so we are all the same you reality. We're not the black individuals populations have. Less access to help less actors to work to to help services to education to leadership positions. So, and we don't have a lot of data. On on exactly, what are our needs? Because we are not being tracked, we might even track upper clean census rate, so would vishnu momentum. It has generated a lot of questions right, so I look. People have asking themselves This happened in Costa Rica. We have issues of race in Costa Rica. Of course, it has created as well so backlash because some people want to believe that we don't have issue so race. It Costa Rica that racism doesn't. Rate but it has highlighted some some of those issues. It has given us an opportunity to discuss things.

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