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Magic of Shane company jewelry is that it allows you to capture your story was something that will last forever each of these great gifts from our holiday collection is under five hundred dollars our non commissioned sales teams warm and welcoming we'll help you find perfect get hi I'm Tom Shane one of my favorites this year is our stylish diamond bar necklace with a row of four hand match diamonds for three hundred ninety dollars its elegant and something she can wear every day come in and unwrap the magic of jewelry now you have a friend in the jewelry business Shane company open weekdays Saturdays and Sundays from nine till nine and online at Shane co dot com this report is sponsored by the cheesecake factory increasing clouds this Saturday temperatures rising to a high of seventy one low forty six and on Sunday gets even warmer a high of seventy three under mostly cloudy skies for the fox ten weather team on Stephanie all now through December thirty first for every twenty five dollar gift card purchased at the cheesecake factory dot com or at any of the cheese cake factory restaurants you'll receive a free slice of cheese cake redeemable in the new year visit the cheese cake factory dot com for more details forget about powdered meal replacements with our in three from red mountain weight loss you'll eat real foods while losing weight following is a paid program parts of this program feature actor portrayals of real members are businesses educational only we are not advisors or brokers hello listeners and welcome to another exciting week of the trading group show we're glad you're with us we have a great show today this is a show about how you.

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