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And i said i know i just want to do it right now. I said i just wanna wait on another time. Whatever she said you know this is there is no other time. This is really all you have got to do it. Thank god. I have some good friends at talk at my insanity and really truly went insane. Bought not do it but yeah to place. Someone like complicated and tortured and to be honest. It was sort of easy to play the role once. I got there because i was sort of in sync. There was some scary stuff going on at that time. And so i sort of fell in sync with it. All you know somebody that really works sometimes what you have going on and be parallel to with the character and then it all kind of works out conveniently this roles i'd better ever been offered ever Almost blew it. Because i'm an idiot you know but it is still so nice to hear you say the things that we all feel which is that. I'm vain and i know. I have to be seen in a certain light and maybe i don't wanna be seen right now. It's just refreshing. Even hear somebody say that. So i appreciate it. I feel like actors feel it but don't ever say it. So thank you but you know what speaking of roles aligning with your life. And i imagine that it's gonna be me and three other young women that watch this show that will resonate with this character. Betty you played character named betty on the secret life of the american teenager. Which was my first introduction to you. I remember showing and be like mom. Why can't you be more like jennifer coolidge show. Look how cool she is. Look you're the best parent on that show sincerely your the only one that gave good advice to adrian or any of the guys on the show remember. I the bras you were. And that's what. I disliked about it. But i i think that they showed did a good job of like they made you a prostitute but they made you an amazing parent as well so it was like moral conundrum. Never forget this I had a long monologue. But i had to learn. It was one of the greatest thing that ever happened to me in a scene in an acting scene because ever in bar none in the middle of the scene kid does this giant yon. It was hilarious because it was like. I wasn't delivering it. Well i wasn't interesting and this kid was just like like i don't know i still. It makes me laugh. Still i think about it was just an honest response to my bad acting like that. Okay well speaking of people responding to you. I've been so interested in hearing mike white. Talk about you. Because he's one such a fan of yours but clearly keyed into you in a way where he's like. I know she can do this type of role that i've never seen her do. I was wondering what people in your past. You feel have best utilized. You are seeing the potential you. Jared has game here really great role in his movie. Gentlemen broncos his wife jerusha gave me a great role in austin land. Yeah the whites. Brothers gave me an amazing shot. Like american pie kinda changed a lot for me and Robert luchetti in recent mark. Platt guinean moodley blonde so without these people. I don't think i would have any sort of greer at all. Yeah there's a casting director deuce milton. And i met him in an act and class thirty years ago her. But he's put me up for some roles wieners. These people that you meet in his lifetime. I mean i don't really know many people. in las. to be honest. I mean as far as like in the world of acting in actors like i don't know a lot of casting rectors. It seems like the same like eight people had given me jobs. Just repeatedly that's fascinating to know the inner workings of that. I think as someone on the outside. If you're not fully in the world you just think oh. These actors go on auditions. Continue to go on dishes until a casting director loves them. You just don't understand the process at all so to the gears of at all or quite interesting speaking of people who have supported your career the whole time the girls and the gays i. We're obsessed with you. I feel like. I can't go anywhere into a environment with women are gays without your name being draft someone sheepishly trying to do an impression of you and failing so But i do think back to arianna grandes impression of you. That she didn't jimmy fallon. That was pretty spot on. And then you just popping up like the little cutie you are in the thank you next music video. I want to hear about that experience. Well i was very strange. That was like a really weird thing. I saw the imitation that she did of me. I thought it was rather brilliant. I think most of the world probably knows by now because you know. She's been popular for such a long time but she's really funny like a really funny person and so smart and advanced and you just really sophisticated sense of humor I've seen her do all these imitations and they're all really right. They're not just sort of good when she did me. I just you know. I sent something like you know. I don't know if she has like one hundred sixty two hundred million followers the is that she would get my. Dm whatever but idea under just said. Hey you think you do me. Better than i do myself. And then she let you know since you know on thanks so much whatever system really cute and then there is that was the end of that and then the next thing i know she's avenue the thank you next are just you know how cool is that. Yes i mean that just came out of like she must have someone. Go through jams. How could you go through a hundred st mayan dams day. Thank god she did. Thank god really cool about it. It was really a brilliant song and it really been cool even if it wasn't great but it's really great that it was like but i played in my car one that i. It's like an immortal song. It's like her signature song now. Yeah and i like the message of it. It's like you know these people break your heart. You know you just gotta give them less power and move on. I like that message. I spent like way too many years analyzing some in like me. Speaking of i guess imitation in a way. Like i'm so curious about somebody like you growing up in wanting to be in show biz because to me. Your timing is so specific and like your character so lived in like sometimes. They're so sincere in a way. That makes the viewer uneasy. And anyway there's all these like idiosyncrasies that are specific to you and i'm wondering who did you ever watch like perform that made you thought. Oh i'm going to do this to like i know you're a fan of meryl streep i read that but i can't. I can't imagine you're watching like the french lieutenant's woman and being like..

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