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Zero one point five brian and turner's ville you're on new jersey one zero one point five hey guys how're you doing brian abraham when i was eighteen i got a couple of me growing over arrested me under fifty grams mr meaner got the pod charge i got a year probation counselor was about a thousand in following school to be a teacher so i ended up once i finished the probation either pay a bunch of money to a lawyer to get it expunged and it was just kind of a pain in the butt just to have a like five dollars worth of we don't bio that's very low you can't be a teacher with a marijuana conviction i'm sorry you can't be a teacher with a marijuana conviction i don't think so back in two now i did get explain so that helps you know so nail down the road when i got you know my talk for a little bit and once i got a different job it's not on my record at all which was night but the worst part about it was the cops the girl was pretty that i was with eight drove her home and they arrested me we both had the weed on did you own up to it being yours or do they just decide to saddle you with well i actually had it in my pocket but she used to collect all her roaches and enroll them into bigger resin join us here pro generation joints so she had a she had four times the amount of weed on her in her ashtray than i had in my pocket wow was she a port authority commissioner do you i'm calling the mayor brian thanks for your call and you know there's another aspect of this too and phil murphy's talked about the social justice aspect of the possibility of legalising it if you're a person of color and you were once arrested for marijuana they say it's much more likely that you would be doing jail time versus a white guy getting busted for marijuana so.

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