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Are you ready are just about it? When are we gonna try? I hear. Both are racing to see which one is going to get. I, I won't go nuts in nougat. All right. In this is not the whole obviously folks just sell the pattern for those video. Now, I normally like you get. Yeah. But I like this. The difference. Reading, Danny Amy Amy divided up. Everybody got one square, Danny Danny. everybody, a rollover, foursquare 'em, keeping the rest of in front of me. I can give you more. I would like more. This is delicious. I I've liked earnt not in this, but the second one the other that, that's what you need more than once. The edge or something. So one of the fishery emphasis nuts. Nougat Hazlitt notes. I'm not getting much new though. I gotta tell you not. Oh, looks like has no. Okay. Nougat cry. Yes. New cream. That's, that's the qualifier here. This is chocolate and creamy chocolate. And yes, I heard it's good. The camel was better. But this bid. I wanna throw it away. Eat it all. Yeah. Definitely the drawing board, the decent amount of nuts here is. Pleasurable. So this chuckle in wafer. I. Right. This came my hope athlete did. Because if you need more. Are people watching Incan show? Bam. It is cows on the every day. Didn't that when I did in Justice Milka book outreach between cows and there were her name. This is interesting. I like I like it was mumbling mouthful. I was thinking it was going to be like a kit, Kat. I'm getting more of those cookies. The sugar. Wafer cookies away for crooked, a layer of chocolate creamy stuff in the harder on top. I like this better than the nets new. I don't think I do. I don't either the wafers a little too much. Too much, get never enough. I like the crunch the normal, the crispiness some upstate's, crisp, even Vinod stops. Trump got you nail that it's now like a cat is mostly waiver. But this out. No, it's like, either there to be hint of it, or that need to be in the show. I think if balances the chocolate, well, but I. It's Brian Zhang's too much, but yet not enough because there's so much of it here that, like you get like a mouthful of it, but it's not mixed in well, enough aren't meshing. Well, I think is the whereas if it was just like kit, Kat, if it was just this way for me, I would go for, like, lots I would go for more of his labor, or none of it. It's like one of those cookies tapped chocolate. Chocolate snot, I won't say top tomatoes fleet consists the labor layer has no chocolate. So then the chapel air is just. The more is like. Needed more like have a Hobart knew that I love during. I'll, I'll take the nuts nougat over here. I mean if like a terrorist broken here and maybe eat it as richer, I would eat it. I mean, torture still livers had better if the month ago, the KOMO appeal one. I'm heavily eating. I don't think I would choose to out on my way to find it. But I would buy the other one, the nougat for sure. One for sure. Amt as with most things that we talked about here. If you want to try these sure you can find them on Amazon. We've found right here in the twin cities, international grocer, but you have a lot of our listeners in considered kosher. Yeah. Certainly trying to, but there's some of your somewhere importing these are if you don't wanna work that hard Amazon's gonna be a good time. Always trying to find things that we have one of today's potato wish wrinkles Levy esque chips, that listener, Chris brought us from China, China. We had trouble translating, but the pictures are nice visit tomato. If we think the plane. We think the brain will Ryan it does say potato wish on the package in this one the steak. Yeah. In within those packages are individual individual chip. But smaller packages to to Bagger. Yeah. Belva no-show start with the regular. Yeah. A good thing you know what to expect. I think maybe cleanser palate from all. South. Oehler tiny. They're very print. They're fun sized. Yeah. Under flat. You can't do the ductless with them. They're just. Let's potato. I feel like they're starchy your that valid young. But I said it on your whether than starchy, but yeah. I don't like Pringles really these are very Pringle. Ask. They're kind of across tween they'll start your giggles if Pringles a cracker made it feel like these would be. The outcome. I feel like the cracker would have to really drunk. Now. He's definitely starts here. I started ranging into the committal to stay. In writing about these almost commando making, I'm guessing it's going to be saying catch up everything kept up. It's smells a lot like catcher when I open these up. Yeah. Ketchupy pointed Google translated. The package did kind of lewd to the back of the tomato on the package was just a picture of tomato, and that it wasn't real tomato in the locks. What did it say? It was like tomato as example something. Okay. All right. I think the smell is stronger than the flavor. Yeah, the, the catch a flavor is very tasteful. But it. Dissipates mickley. Yeah. I mean I'm I'm really getting it's not quite like fries with ketchup. I was thinking it's kind of, like it's kind of Christ, enjoying when you have a fri- that just like brushed up against catch up. The French fry that was like next year pile of catch progress any thought it had more on than it did or you didn't want on their rank by Greg having on the yeah. But that's Ryan with. Final in the last one is no, no. Starchy mess. When I actually opened this individual bag the aroma really hit me harder than it is now. Suppose it does meat. Well. Solicits stating. It looks like a. Holiday. There's a lot going on. It's taste forward. I get the steak but there's a Keating as much stain with me is beefy, very beefy. I'm making a recipe undoing the stake in the catch up to have. No. Definitely not hamburger though. I know it's. I don't even want to say this. You're essentially having your chips, Donald Trump style, because his like DOJ orders, well-done steak with ketchup. Okay. And so if you put this is this is not a juicy steak. This is a well done steak. Are you even getting my I mean it has the play of steak? Are you getting the seared because a lot of Meacham? We get the seared that I'm not getting a lot of the Chuck trust. Just flavor. Yes, yes, this, this is. I'm not Trump mic line call. No, like nine with the catch up chip. Let me my favorite thing. It's unique flavor with two. You know, I'm even going to do that, if there's another greening wreckage. He needs the big Jim, I have stained outings, remain. Luckily, these are all color coded that we can tell them apart. So potato wish we think if you search for that you should be by bees. But thank you so much. Chris for. When you were in China and bring back to us. These fed are terrible. Get the a little tastier. There are tons of those delicious. This is like the worst of Pringles. Outside. No, we had the liquorice last week who the twizzlers. Yeah, I brought the sweet and sour to work and people. The lived most kind of thing I heard was all awesome. These plato. And I mean. Did either of you ever want to Plato, you know what I had this money making scheme involving play though, when Gile his Crohn's and Plato? What was your money making scheme? There was a lot of information having. I did not eat the plate of it when I was a kid when I would do I would take I would get rolling pin. Roll it out both Plato out into thin like sugar cookie cookie cutters. Thank cut out the Plato's. I leave him out to dry some of the hall in. It's like an ornament men when my parents would have garage sale, which they did it every summer. I would sit and sell my Plato creations. 'cause if you like Mel the colors together and people, you know, like a blockage, people would would buy the little Plato, ornaments from the Hugh kin who was on sound. I was a kid kid. I'm gonna Hanson. He's saying kids, but he was fifteen. Well, I mean like you know, they have all the McDonald's in where you can have the little moles make your fries. I mean, I wanna eat those apparently, a lot of people wanted to eat play Krantz. Yeah. Well, they looked tasting. They weren't at any of them. What was the sixty four color pack. How many Krantz get down to almost nothing and you couldn't use? It will. Checking my brother eggnog onto an older brother, who says, so I mean like you ate it. And you're like, oh, this isn't good. And I think, yeah, I mean once yet look twice really not times, then like twice. It's not tons. But I think it seems like more than I remember eating, but I don't remember eating tons of them. Seriously, two sittings. Not guess, to yes, right? Chewy kinda like expected to be like, wax lips or gum in it. Still doesn't taste good, so tribes never taste. Yeah. They have I flavor than getting. There's something there. But yet it. Relievers starts gum, where you get a burst of flavor, and then nothing. This is explaining a lot, though. Coming out. I feel very enlightened elk. Podcasts. Yes. Thank you, Chris, again, for bringing us, these chips of we appreciate that always appreciate food gifts from our listeners. Remember anyone listening watching, if you want to try something, let us know we had to request a while ago for some specific chips that we've been trying to find, but we will always take suggestions. I'm gonna grab my outright fudge. Sting is in radio fraiche to see how we can mix things up. Okay, I'll be there. If you need me. But I. Everyone..

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