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Gmail dot com. Right now we're going to change things a little bit. Usually we go to Robert Erskine first. But today we have another rub it calling in with a question from Queens. I believe Robert, What is your question? Yes. Uh, I will. First two years I've been out of California and realized that I could have picked up your program on on the Internet. Actually, I used to listen many years ago. Ah, Welcome back. Welcome back to the best Coast. Robert the best Coast. Thank you. That was the West Coast. This is the best. Unfortunately, my pop passed away recently and I've got his 1995 vehicles saver has got 200,000 miles on it, and I don't remember it the idle ing rough the way it's currently now I brought it to a couple of stations in the area. And they told me Well, it's a It's a 25 year old car with 200,000. Miles looked out over the only thing they said, You know, you can do maybe take it to a machine shop. Something done with the cylinders, valves, something like that or any other possibility that you could think of that I could To kind of smooth this idol. Somebody needs to diagnosis and see why it's running rough. Let's see what Well, experts have. I mean, you know if they're saying that talking machine shop stuff that meant must it implies that someone perhaps checked it, and perhaps it needs some kind of You saying valves and maybe it needs the valves a leaking, But did anybody do a compression test? Yes, Yes, they did, and try to look for codes. But they said in the 1995 nickels, it's well there you have the it's obi Deal went onboard Diagnostics one, which is an older system, and a lot of people don't even have the This scanning equipment for that, Um, you know you if it sounds like they're talking about some engine work, and you should definitely get a second opinion. What do you think? Did they do a running compression test? I don't know. Persona we meet, not friend we had We had 85 Cutlass supreme. And a 5.0. And compression was £110 at a crank. And when we were running it, it was 50. Turned out it had weak foul spring. Yeah. You know what Joe is trying to tell you is that you really got a You know, it could be a lot of things, and especially if we're talking engine work. You want to get a different, you know, a second opinion on it may be that you know, with that kind of mileage 200,000 miles It needs that but beat like I said, because it's so much money to do that, and I don't know if it's worth it. How's the rest of the car? Robert? It's a beautiful shape. It's always been garaged where Where's the call located? Bayside, Queens. I'm willing to travel. Travel to Brooklyn. David will take very good care of you. He could come to Brooklyn. What about of Yeah. Okay, let me give you my phone number. OK, it's 718. I don't want a 6 to 26 to eight for 84. Before, you know. And now in the time of covert, unfortunate, Robert to go. We're going to have to ask especially with something like this. You're gonna have to figure out a way to leave it with us to check because we don't have waiting customers and Not a problem. So give us a call. We're actually open on Monday. If you want to call to set up an appointment, probably the next week for some reason in new in New York City. Nobody's taking the subway. I don't know why. So, so we're very we're very busy, so just call up and let's make an appointment. We'll take a look. Can I ask another super quick question you know, years ago used to listen and when I was up in the Bronx used to go all the way down to South Brooklyn. Space diagnostic. Oh, sure, Fill with Freddie is still around, and he's not working anymore retired. But but Yep, serious. I'm going to tell Fred when I speak to him. We were just talking about Fred just a few moments ago. Actually, before the show, I'll give Fred a call and say, Robert says Hi. Really? Thank you very much. Okay right now. All right Now we're going toe instead of going to Robert Erskine. Right now we're going to take Steve. From New Jersey. See what Steve's question is, Steve? Yeah, I'm here. OK, What's your question? Okay, So I have a 2008 Toyota Sienna. And I just got new tires at Firestone for new tires. And, um you know my time. You know, they give me a call, and they wass rendition of $2000 on the car and they tell many struck. I need construct. I need Other stuff on my brakes need to baby face. So my question is, Is there anybody he would recommend in this area that I get A, uh of mechanic of the look at it? Sure. Where are you in New Jersey. In Morristown. Morristown. Well, How far is that from? I don't know. Do New Jersey too. Well, how far are you from Garfield? Well, I know what Garfield is about a half hour 40 minutes. Well, that's what it's worth The trip that I was a little go see Joe Guerrino. He's about the best guy you're going to find in New Jersey, and what's a number 973. All right, 772. By 8736. OK, great. I appreciate it because I wanna get it done if you need it, but I wanted, you know someone that really knows that you know about it, So I mean, it's Joe really knows he should be in bed on that sure, And you're really smart. You're smart, Steve Tow. We're talking about second opinions. When when you know when we have medical things going on, and they want to do some big deal on us. We say, you know, I want a second because it makes sense. And it really This is the right move on your part, officiated one of the quick question. My wife has a Toyota Camry. She got her father and the 1999, but only has 115,000 miles on it, but Something that Ah been are the front headlight that night? It doesn't provoke. Jack. Looks like you know, they're fogged up right there fogged up. Year. Harry takes the whole lighter. Just you know, you don't want to hear the price now, but you know, you can nowadays that you Khun recondition the the lenses on clear those lenses up because they make him They made him at a plastic in 99. They still may come out of plastic and They just fogged up. You can get them reconditioned and you'll get much better illumination in recondition the lenses remove the cataracts and you can put high higher intensity boy itself to buy the parts. What's that again? Is something that I could try to do myself like every place in parts. You know they were kits available that you Khun Bride to clean the headlights. There are If you go on YouTube, you'll see all kinds of videos on how to do it yourself. Okay. I thought I'll deal with that. All right. Good luck, Steve. Thank you. Okay. Now, if anybody else has questions, Corliss at 8886927234 you think we could fit Robert Erskine Right now We're going to go to Robert Ozcan, who's been patiently waiting. Rather, I'm very, very patient. Really very patient. Except without whether a very warm welcome to you this morning from Suffolk, England. It's cold. It's wet. It's rainy. Sounds like normal operating procedure over there. Right lobe operations around early morning patrol, not breaking news at all. Not breaking use. No, no, but this is breaking you. So what are we talking about today from jolly old England and especially Europe. Which we are still a part ofthe. We haven't left Europe yet, but watch this space we probably will be. What are we talking about today? Well, the U. That's the European Government and authorities are seriously looking with European car manufacturers to looking at this wretched problem off excessive speeding. Had one way that they are looking at it Is there posed the question. Should the accelerator pedal or the gas pedal? Is you calling on your side of the pond? Should the gas pickle be used as a means of curbing speeding? So the idea is that if you're going through a particular area where there is a speed plate Which is indicating the speed the safe speed that you should be driving at. That doesn't mean to say that you should be driving at it. If it's not safe. We will come on to that in a second. Does that mean that if you want to exceed that, and you firmly shove your big, heavy foot right foot onto the gas levels You're lead it for what?.

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