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No is promising a major enforcement action packed right there after another bicyclist was killed so does that with all this time a twenty eight year old Brooklyn woman identified as Dever free lander was fatally struck it form street in Bushwick Avenue by a cement truck yesterday she was the fifteenth cyclists this year to die the motorist remained at the scene and no arrests were made the glossy issued a statement saying no loss of life on our streets is acceptable he says he is directing the NYPD to immediately crackdown on dangerous driving behavior such as parking and bike lanes the city is installed dozens of speed cameras over the past few years with the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities so Gusman NBC news radio New York Bergen county prosecutor's office is working to figure out how and why a bag of human bones ended up hanging in the palisades interstate park food step workers at the state line lookout scenic overlook I actually found the bag yesterday morning hanging on the door into the building remains have not been identified and who's working determine who actually found the bones anyone with related details asked to contact the prosecutors cold case unit transaction both the Yankees and Mets were off doing work this morning with the arcade Triborough bridge has lifted on and hadn't spent get caught in that you could sit there good ten fifteen minutes George Washington bridge if you're heading into the city construction up stairs lower level EZ pass at Allentown upper level across the spaniel see work belt parkway construction eastbound from cross bay Boulevard right back over towards Nassau expressway your clothes in Sayreville southbound nine by the Edison bridge with an accident cleanup alternate site in effect today that'll be a partly sunny day today continued humid temperatures upper eighties you now know what's going on okay can I am nine seventy the satellite lounge presents an evening with progressive it took a bit of a risk of course the one place I never take chances is the room where progressive snapshot reward your safe driving a good driver plus snapshot equals big discounts one plus one equals two little to there's a casualty insurance company it's national not available California North Carolina or family right now there aren't enough people donating blood but you may have the H. B. R. O. blood type patients please give blood with the American red cross visit red cross blood.

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