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Hello, everyone and welcome to slash on daily for timber. Twenty eighth two thousand eighteen on today's episode. We're gonna talk about the latest film and TV news is last shown editor chief Peter Saretta joining me to spike Aslan writers. Why turn buoy hey everyone in Chris Vangelis STA alot guys. It's it's Friday. And when will this week be over. That seems like a long one humor hours left. Yeah, there's all this, you know, stuff that's going on in politics and our own Jacob hall is out, you know, cover tastic Festus week. So we've been kind of in Abend traveling. So we've been, you know, short staffed and there's been, I feel more news this week than there was in the previous three weeks combined. Like literally I was putting together this podcast end. In the last thirty minutes, three stories broke, which completely changed our plan for this podcast. So you know, we should get to those stories, get to the big breaking stories. And let's start that off with Star Wars because he can't give any bigger than Star Wars. And the big news is that Kathleen Kennedy is returning as look as film president, Chris, would we know? Yes. So after solo Star Wars story didn't do that. Well, at the box office, there were rumors swirling all over the internet specifically on YouTube where literally anyone can report on anything. If they have a camera claiming that Kathleen Kennedy was out, I actually had someone at me on Twitter literally saying, I know for a fact, Kathleen Kennedy has already been fired, and you'll see, I swear to God. You have a same youtuber said that what dark Phoenix wasn't even going to be released. I think yes, the more of the story is people on YouTube are wrong, but so yeah. In light of all these rumors news just broke that Kathleen Kennedy has reappeared deal to be Lucas film president for at least three more years. So for three more years, Kathleen Kennedy will still be running all things Star Wars, and Indiana Jones and other Lucasfilm properties. I think you know, there's a lot of conspiracy theories out there that hated last June. I, you know that are you know, declaring, you know, the reason why solo bombed was because of them. You know, they think that, you know she hasn't handled this well, obviously, was usury shoots for not just solo but rogue one. But you know, I've liked the output so far and I'm I'm a fan of Kathleen Kennedy. What she's doing HT would you have save us? I'm so happy that this story broke and just through all the detractors wrong, I'm I'm not happy just for that sense, but it was a big factor. I think Kevin Kennedy is get her job and she shepherded so many great films over the years. And yes, Star Wars had had had some very public troubles, but I think that's because such big property and she still has a bigger success too. Failure ratio. So I'm happy that she signed on for more years at Lucasfilm, and I hope that now that she is set for the next three years, she will encourage more diversity behind the scenes and hopefully pick more female directors and crew for the films which she's often been criticized for. The the big problem here. And I know we've talked about this in the past is that you know she kind of tried to hire a bunch of upping common, some new talent to direct these Star Wars films, and that kind of, I think, bid her in the behind quite a bit. And you know, I, I wanna see her hire female Star Wars director, but it's hard to do that in less you're going for the, you know, the two female directors that you know have done, huge movies. So I do hope that she finds a balance of finding, you know, up and coming talents and pushes, you know the diversity in the way she has been, you know, without falling prey to, you know, the problems that Lucasfilm has been having in the past Chris. Are you happy about this news? I am..

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