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Changing a lot too. Yeah. And I'm trying to get Covina possibly apply at my orange. Yeah, I don't know she's so not sure. Yeah, it's not a full board know but we're more leaning towards no than yes. It's what I'm guessing at. Yeah, there's a lot of unknowns. So no, I don't do good with unknowns, but it did agree with me. He thinks you should at least do the interview em all think about it. Just see what they fucking say. I'll think about it. It's hard. It's hard to do it interview. Then you can go back to lessons like yeah. I had an interview. Mm. I guess what they offered me this and this and this do you want to lose Ally and me? Oh Heather, Heather Heather Heather. You're just going to be like my representative should you know, I wish I could just find a job like, you know thought like my agent right? I could be an intake movie people and sports people they don't they themselves they have an agent that does it for them and I I'd be a pretty cheap higher you would be my only need food and wine. Yeah, and I provide the wine. I just have to feed you follow would be so we've been drinking some really good wine Thursday night right. Now, of course on a longship Quinn, which is fantastic. It's a nice red blend. Nice. Nice. Nice started with a goose Ridge. Rozay. Yes, which Kobe got a Christmas present. I got an early Christmas present because Heather brought her Jose and I do not have Rosy glasses snow in the drives me fucking crazy. So I got a job. Early Christmas present my guts and Rosy glasses and they're so cute and they're so nice. They are they're fancy-looking. They make rose. They taste so good and glass is actually double down as Shack. Yeah, which I had no idea they did that. So since their champagne glasses would they also be the glass you would drink a mimosa out of you? Probably could okay, but you hate mimosas I do. I don't hate them. You just don't like them that much. I just I can't like drink you don't like the champagne cuz that makes your nose feel funky. Well, no, I can't drink champagne in the morning because then I get super sleepy and I have to have an app. That's why I don't you know, but they are good. They are very very good. I want to Hershey. Are you going to eat those Whoppers? No, I don't like the Whoppers off. Then Kobe makes me eat all three of them and I only want one we can't open the package and then not eat the whole thing and put it back but you don't do that. Yes, you can't do that, but no. Yes, you can't you can't know why can't you do that? If you live in a house or just yourself most of the time and just your husband once in a while, why would you open it up and only eat one? Cuz I only want one know we'll just take the rest home and eat them later in life..

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