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Can't wait for him to get trade it and it's going to happen this owed him at a package would try next it will get stat no via i i don't know if you can get stand for like if i'm the marlins i laugh at that but i it i hope he desirable i'm looking forward to be traded by being out by my twitter profile at adam jones 985 the president of the jbj fan club six one seven seven seven nine zero 985 no j j would i might actually be wrong odd lie telling you i'm wrong yet i'm just bracing for it bradley not so much steve is in salem what's going on steve hey what's up adam i i i hate that you see that uh that pull up 3pointer that tatum hit in carmelo anthony base last night yeah i've i've been very impressed with tatum in the early going and that's another guy i who i didn't love i didn't have that pick i didn't outright hate i wasn't boohooing that pick like i was jaylen brown i liked other players better on the board and take tatum has been ridiculous just how how comfortable he looks at how ready he is to play within ten games of his nba career he's been he's been impressive yes steve uh so i know like you know the staple of the brad even offenses like all movement with like dribble handoff send pick and roll pick and pop and whatnot but it's hard to believe the tatum at the nineteen euro rookie boat when you have a guy who so skilled offensively even for that age why wouldn't you allow him more relent to just kinda do like no more ifo scoring yeah i mean i i think you answer your question in the first portion i think it's because he doesn't want to upset the whole offense for a nineteen year old kid like if you're gonna you're going to do that then you'd better do something africa arri you know and i think kyrghiz does a lot of addon isn't like if i.

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