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But that's interesting actually about you and not latest what i've been trying to get at matt some guy who's not even here who maybe never even was here probably i heading for his side love to give why don't you give the gift to yourself emmy read of this flake a good diverse aikman where we all give a gift to ourselves and the gift is in the form of a promise give me a gifts for myself did you do now so coming in at number one way widest what are we do you have to himself promise and go ahead and make it right now i promise do i so i promise that i'm not gonna count those as my visit to hollywood hamburger why you would have to do it on your show winfrey given what is the new go ahead went anywhere in maybe it's better this way and we don't even need him yeah exactly yeah i guess yeah lake you to go hey it's time for code he's coroner engineer cody you always have such an interesting topic that you bring in why don't you lay on a so what you've been up to this week because cody obviously you might know him as the very organized responsible engineer here earlier wolf who just part of the backbone of a hollywood hambur with clem dogan kuku so go ahead coating what's up i've been watching bowling videos like how to how to oh yeah.

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