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But the idea of pushing a button miles away And murdering generations of people just was completely unacceptable to me and not was. That was my motivation. However when a goal there. I realized that i was a lot more naive than i thought. I thought that was a very soest inimitable and i got there and i suddenly realized arriving at yellow gains and talking to the women that i realized i knew absolutely nothing so it was it was really. It was an education. It was the style to my education as to the place that women have in the world and learning. That actually could say now. And we're not going to do this and we're not gonna have violence and we are going to look after each other and we're gonna look after our planet and i think that was the start of my education. Hold that thought for a moment. See we're going to hear a clip of some of the women explaining their reasons for staying at greenham. This is an eight pro. Nine thousand nine hundred eighty three. I was looking to hear about the campus when it first started. And i just came down. We'll to see what was going on and became emotionally involved and the women's peace come to me was that look death in the eyes and find some hope and strength to be able to find what seems to be the ultimate threats to our destiny where let us change see. Oh miserable day. But there's no real taste when i see i don't want to stay here any more in rolette because over. Its mess boys. You can see your sentiment here and we're talking about laughing and let you just create energy. i mean. sometimes it's hard to get up to begin the daily tool against cruise. It's guy i really enjoy. Being part of the for being here is to show that people can do things for themselves ordinary people. We started to call ourselves. Common women now not green and women who which puts over the idea of being very ordinary an ordinary people can do something about it and we all making the government. Think again we'll come to that in a moment but life there apart from the education a lot of that sitting around the fire talking to women from all sorts of backgrounds. But it was pretty hard as well. You know no running water freezing cold winters you did have to sort of stick out say absolutely however as you will properly discover and you have a group of women you become very creates if we made our own showers. We supported each other. We help teach to kind of find different ways of approaching things working together. It's incredible how actually you can make things work very well. We had sort of groups of women who sort of focused on what they were best start. Some women were really good organizing the processes of calm and so they set up so of food tents and showers and such facilities. Other women went and the fence everybody found well-suited them and they did that and together. We've owned a whole protest as as a whole load of individual women doing it their own way. I wanted to get back to rebecca as well though. Because i said you were five when you went. What are your early memories of going to the with your mom. I have my mom. We'd take faded pies de things like nightwatch where they with. Local women with sits in god tense the living that kind of really good sleep for that cruise. Watch say that the army can with moving missiles amounts. She's called telephone trees which are the dinosaur version of social media and things Say she was very active..

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