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Of someone will present something the way. Now my senator it or the way you know someone coming from the insurance sector would say it might not make sense to me and i think about it in terms of economics and then all. That's why that works. And so if i explain the sometimes it clicks with people if i say it in different words are coming from a different angle but we end up at the same spot. I think that's one of the values of having multiple people will be able to explain what infant making is and there's also different personalities and different skill sets that are trying to grapple with this concept that seems like this hidden gem. It seems like this thing that nobody knows about. And that if you have heard anything on the street about infinite banking or whole life insurance if more than likely negative versus positive and so then you have the personalities that say while. I'm very skeptical It sounds too good to be true. How in the world are people. That are smart. Actually doing this. I don't understand and you have people who are more conceptual you have. People who are more tactical and all of those different people are trying to figure out for themselves. Is this something that actually wanna do. So i really appreciate you sharing your background of skepticism. Which is extremely beneficial to somebody. Who's also maybe a little skeptical. So let's talk about. So you and nelson nash. And carlos laura created the the or the nelson nash institute and the certification program. Talk about that a little bit. And then let's jump into y. You specifically created this book shirt and also david stearns was integrated involved in creation nelson asia institute. So it's again. I give a little bit of background. Is i realized what this was. They had me come down to what's called the think tank. Which is the annual conference that the banking professionals have every year in birmingham alabama. And i was a guest speaker. And that's where i saw presentations in there were like. Cpa's getting up and doing things. And i realized this this really works like the you know. This isn't just you know people waving their hands around and talking about general things like there's real numbers behind this it makes lot of sense even include the taxes. Whenever it makes even more sense is great. And so carlos in. I wrote a an earlier book called hal privatize banking really works. And you. i know you guys mentioned that. You like that phrase. And that was actually carla's idea that he was the one single of bob you as an economist was subscriber. What's called the austrian school so the time just to give people was two thousand nine people remember there have been the financial crisis in the fall of a and then.

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