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That would be like every city and town in massachusetts electing a mayor but then you say half the town's don't get to have a mere because he's overrated no every team gets a max modell max noise though it no they don't sometimes you get is exactly lucia just 'cause you get one doesn't mean you have to pay one sure you could yes and that's what the market dictates if you want to have a good baz but again so you think that evan turner is paid what he should be paid he's going to be consistent i don't care if that's what you think that's what you think identity out and what i would pay him yet this is not what i would pay war for that's my point it's what i would say or for okay well you're wrong why wha what do you rank out in the nba outside the top thirty bulding you're crazy this is a top twenty player joh that's so dumb idea that sock plenty player hops won't meet player he's a tough opponent jones he's the best passing big man forced he is to always the best passing big top20 what arvydas sabonis only twenty villanova villanova's 25 points a there your automatic economic twenty poulerik loans yes that's the statue there's two sides of the ball i know that you know what the point about as well as scoring play defense who's better player isaiah thomas are all sides area you're crazy i'm not crazy okay if you score 36 and give up thirty eight who is who is an allstar and all nba player last year mmhmm congratulations they care about points in the game that is a matter that is enough you're you're you're wrong matter that's voting at what and selling i'm sorry that had voting that's not analytics his what did he owns and so i don't care what danny yogi so me so you're telling me you're smarter than dini age not to turn the top 10 pick jae crowder who everyone in this town loves isaiah thomas you many of said was the third or fourth piece in the deal envisaged for a guy who's a legit yeah good point.

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