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That don't get me wrong seth. You're a Helluva coach. But you were destined for this sort of thing at some point when you were done. Coaching coaching. I just feel like I saw it early on when I was trying to get you into the jungle as often as I could back to our days in the big west so I'm not surprised I am proud. Bring me up today. Seth how you live in House your Connecticut lifestyle treating you to all different. It's different when you're not coaching because you know when you're coaching especially if you're in a college town like we were in Virginia Tech last place You know you go to the supermarket. You know everyone you wife knows everyone you're involved in different types of philanthropic things you're involved in you know the campus community You know you're having an impact on people's lives now basically. I think the only person I impact is is a gambler. Maybe I don't know I. It's great great. I mean they've been very very kind to me and give me a great platform and an opportunity. But you gave me my first platform We always joke about it. But the the time you are actually killing the beach in the Roach Motel and there was a fight that broke out between Santa Barbara and and Long Beach date and category burke by life member Bombay Club which is no longer I guess existing Called up you hung up on her and then about a week later I was I was in a tour stop and from that point on a great friendship developed and You know the opportunity you gave me to kind of just talk ball kind of kind of laid a platform and a lot of ways for what I'm doing now so I I really do appreciate that and Life is good. You know. I'm undefeated the food for seven years and I get the best seat in the House for the best games and It's it's pretty good not as much stress for sure set. There is so much good shit in what you just said. There's so much to unpack. There are so many. Just go back for those who don't know and I do want to talk about some of these things but back in the day like we have our big west routes right and I want to get out later on but since since we're into it I went to UC. Santa Barbara were coach at Long Beach. State remind everybody how we came together because there was a pretty fierce rivalry between Santa Barbara and Long Beach. The fact that you and I are such good friends is so unlikely given where we started. Exactly what happened. You remember how we came together. Yeah sure exactly how we came together. We were playing Santa Barbara Nickelbein To very evenly matched teams lucious Davis Theresa Jones was very good team coached by Jerry pen. He was kind of the elder statesmen. I was a young whippersnapper. We played in his what. You'd call the Roach Motel. which is the old gold before the pyramid was belt and it was an absolutely lutely brutal game? I'm talking about. It was a rock fight. We were good defensively they were good defensively baskets hard to come by and During one point of the game it got to be a little bit of ruckus. I think quite honestly Santa Barbara Guy. Hit One of my guys behind the head. One of the guys from my team came off off the bench. Sonny Alvarado both benches cleared it. Went up into the stands. Jerry PIMM standard half court. Where the towel core of course me like being an idiot that I was at that age? I'm like right in the middle of it almost got my head taken off by Louis Davis So the game adds we went on a big time Chris tower three point shot on a little roll a place in the next day. You are killing us. Killing us on radio on I think was six ninety. And you're killing us and Karen was working. My wife was working being In Orange and was was a huge fan of yours and listen. I was listening to the show. She got so fired up she called into the show under under an assumed name. You proceeded to kill Long Beach State and hang up on her. She calls me and losing her mind. Jim Rome young up. I mean I can't believe Jim. Rome hung up on me and I I called my. Sad like enrolled wisey killing us. I know is the Santa Barbara Guy. I need to get the chance to to protect my team. You invited me to a tour. Stop in Anaheim. After at that point on I was supposed to come in for one segment. I think I came in for an hour and from that point on I really appreciate your friendship and And at that that's how we became. I became kind of a regular became your College Basketball Guru for Wiler Guy. That was so great. What a great reset seth? What a great reset by you? And just for the record in terms terms of the Queen Karen if I known that it was the queen there was no way that I would've ever hung up on her assumed name right much less Wayne gene and your wife who was in fact became a member of the Bombay Sapphire Club. You mentioned that the club May or may not be any longer is a member of the club. Oh she's for sure. Remember the club. You've probably moved out to Bourbon and horses and all that stuff you have kind of moved either on or sideways. I Dunno Matt's a tough drink seth. I don't know if you've ever got to the club and Karen was a member of the club club Sapphire overtime. We'll take its toll so I didn't really move on I kind of move sideways. It kinda move laterally but I get it I get all right so you you and I. You mentioned that you don't know if your impact anybody except for the gambler you know it used to be like man. You're killing articulate our team. Are you hearing from gamblers now because the way the things are going with gambling yeah well gaming's a bigger part of what we're doing here at. ESPN like today. I'm going on our daily wager to talk about the Kentucky Georgia game and Ohio State Maryland Maryland game prior to that tip off before I do sports center before we wrap so yeah I don't hear from them. Yeah you'll get the twitter trolls that kill you whether you're right or you're wrong or you know you hate. Hey Duke or you hate north. Carolina coach beat Zillion Times okay. I've been a couple of times to have a good life You know so you know you hear you hear from people but It it. It's interesting when you coach. You really do have an impact on people's lives Positive negatively Because you know when you coach. Let's say you tell people people know you're creating all these kids the expectation that they're gonNA come in and play and have great careers and some of them don't and they're disappointed in the other end. You recruit some guys resonate. They worked their tails off their successful on the court off the court they're playing in the NBA. They're successful parents and and husbands and that's really rewarding. You don't get get that doing what I do but I tell you what I do get and you know the one thing about ESPN. Yeah they're gonNA work here. which I like the work? So that's that's good for me but everyone just wants you to have good show like you're not dealing with the ad you're not dealing with you know Booster trying to you. Know to pull the rug from underneath if you everyone there. Producer director researcher people behind the scenes. They just want you to have good segment and you know it's it's really good. The environment where people are pulling in the same direction and I. They've been so good to me. I hopefully I've been good to them and I it's been a it's been a good marriage so what I'm hearing from you set is you can trust people around you. Is that what you're saying. No doubt about it. Yeah where where like in coaching. You know you're as good as is your last game as good as your last season like. I went twenty five games the year before I got fired. I before I got fired I be I be doing Carolina and I started four freshman. My last year and You know all of a sudden we went sixteen or seventeen games. Last year started for freshman. I was too fiery. I wasn't too Far Room when one twenty four twenty five I was too fiery when you know we want sixteen or seventeen and by the way the guide. It's playing for the clippers mantras arrow. He was already committed to US my theory if any Smith was playing for us I mean that that next year I would have had four pros so but You know look I landed on my feet and our life is good. Our girls are great. They're all grown. You know getting grown up and And life goes on You know it's a life is what happens to you. It's how you deal with what happens to you and I. I was fortunate that I could land on my feet and My quality life is good. My health is good and you know if the very ripe situation showed up I might do it by the way this year. The twenty fifth. This'll make us. I suppose feel on the twenty fifth anniversary of the opening of the Pyramids January. All that is insane. That is insane it. Listen I mean Hell Hell yes you landed on your feet. You're doing great. You got a great quality. Life got a great family. We just touched on this as you just said if the right opportunity is it still in the back of your mind signed in. What would you consider the right opportunity? You know it's always Jimmy. It would be a huge change because I do have such a good life if like like ripe opportunity first so if ESPN came to me say you know what you know. Your time has come or you know. We don't think we don't see you in a long term future. 'cause I'm sixty four years old. I feel great. I'm sixty three years. I should say but I feel great. I mean I'm in great shape but you always wonder I'm in so many practices. I spent a lot of time then Davidge. It calls me to coach whisper. I spent a lot of time. Talking to coaches about their teams about dealing with adversity about dealing with issues Go around in a preseason and I visited your Guy Chris. Beard spent two days with Texas Tech in and coach veered kind of law evaluation on their staff and their team and Gave a presentation to their team. So I get a a little bit of a fixed but you know you miss competing. I you miss winning losing putting together a plan like I the plans I react to our plants. Instead of producers put together you have what you do each and every day you put together a plan and then you try to see if that plan can touch people and get people to respond to react now. I'll do that that in say a get up segment where you know something will come up. And I'm not afraid to say what I feel passionate about my opinions but you know the the opportunity to so you can put together a plan. What And Win again at the highest level. It's always in the back of your mind. It's not something that I'm running to do Because I do have a great group of people I'm working with and I've got a great place here and in terms of at ESPN. And I've got a great platform to talk about the sport that passionate schnitt about so it would have to be something really special and you know it's like anything else said you gotTa have the president. Yeah flight director and yourself with the same same mission if you don't have those three things aligned eventually it's GonNa fall apart. Yeah so I mean you you know that. That would be the only way. I would even consider considerate because you don't have those three people working in the same direction in schools like anything else. Investment equals expectation. Like you know if People WanNa win. There's gotTa there's an investment that it takes to win and all the resources around it in any business at business in life in a relationship and in doing your show every day I I mean if you don't invest in the time I've seen you working prepare. I mean people have no understanding of how much time you put into what you do to get the product you get so so there's a lot to it. Let's put it that way now appreciates the NSF. You're right and I think what you need among many other things is in. Ad Who does not say you know what you're too fiery. Sorry we're going to go in a different direction. Anyway that was then this is now. But that's still unbelievable to me. I agree with Seth. You are the coach whisper..

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