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Oh, yeah, that it took the charge off. Yeah, the Texas Persons created car. So so she's sitting pretty but So PayPal is coming after me and say you have to Hmm. Yes. And if you don't pay ass, we're gonna put you into collections. So do I owe anything to pay past memory? Assuming Maureen, assuming you got the money to begin with, Okay. I mean, it's okay. It's gonna be in your papal agree for sure. I mean, if you got the money, it's not like you're going negative. I understand what you're saying. But they're not. They're not claiming You have to pay an extra 2200, right? Yes, they're claiming that my mom had no Maureen. Morning. Listen, your account was up 2200. Okay. At some point did you take the money out? Yes. Then you're not going into the negative. You are going to pay back the money. You took what I'm saying. Other than the rental itself. The money the time. You're out that actual money you took out Hey, pal, Watch it back. You're not going to end up negative, $2200 you are. But what I'm saying is from from a ground zero point of view. It's not like this cost you other than of course, your your time at that rental. I understand that part, but I'm that makes me feel a little better. You're just paying that money back, and I don't know how Frank does she does She have to pay that money back to PayPal, or are you going to say it's dependent on the agreement with PayPal, right? Right. And in terms of papal, it's kind of like, if you want to buy a house and you and if you're going to the closing, you say, you know, I don't like that that phrase right there unless you have it all determined with a lawyer. They're going to say you want to buy the house. These are the terms. That's why we buy another house. Same with the car. You want to go out and buy a car. What do you say? I don't like this phrase, so I don't wanna I don't wanna sign the agreement. Well, if you're not going to sign the agreement, then you're not gonna buy the car. Just the same way with PayPal in terms of a pal. Your contract describes what your responsibilities are and your benefits and what their responsibilities are in their benefits. So if they if they say you have to pay it back, which is logical, just like what Tom says. Then you pay it back or else you don't get to do pay palate. I assume you want to do papal. I would do it. I would do it too drunk. Why don't you just go after him? Did you have an agreement signed by them or not? Rental agreement. Yeah. With the with the Winters? Yes. That's what a man okay, so I sent that over to you, But it was It was a conversation. This is my rental agreement. If you agree, then Yes. This is payment Information. Your rental agreement. Talk about attorney's fees. It didn't look like it to me. No, it was nothing more than this is how much it is, and this is where it is. But listen, I would let him get away with a Marine, Frank on contingency. I don't know. I don't think the attorney of Frank Honestly do you think the attorney would get attorney's fees from the judge? And then the real question is what attorney is gonna look at this? On contingency for $2200 without a contract discussing attorney's fees. On everybody. Well, that that that's what people like we do for a living hell do it $100 is $200 the attorney Caesar just I want to say a kicker for additional monies. Them violating the contract. But if if somebody is an attorney in taxes says I'll do it for 25% or 30%. You know then then I'm $2200. If they make 700 bucks, and they add it with their other 1000, they're suing that month. Well, it's not a bad deal. Yeah, Yeah, I think that listen, I I think we need to get a name of somebody. But then if all else fails, what I would do and again, I understand what Frank is saying what I would do assume here in small claims court. With the rental. You can't go there in Texas. Why? No, but the rental took place here. I always thought it was where the transaction took place or where they live. That's what I thought. First. Small claims Court. Don't mark eventually going to go there. Okay. You can't tell someone that lives in Texas to come to small claims Court in Colorado. The judge will not allow it, okay. Um Frank. I don't know. You can do that with regular court, Frank. So why can't you do it with small claims? Where? I don't know. Again. There has to be a contract and if they after if she is marine, you had a contract in the contract says the venue for any disputes in okay, got it. Colorado. Okay, That's good to contract and all your agreement says is I'm gonna pay you 20 $2900 and you could stay for a week in my house and bail. Well, that that's how you have okay, by the way, Frank Ball attorney at Law three or 36 to 9. 7000 You know, I'll take a look at collections, especially businesses three or 3 67 very soon now, by the way. Maureen. We want the name and numbers of these people were going to contact him. We're gonna contact him Try to get him on the air. Right After this..

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