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First sponsored job in terms and conditions apply. 9 38. Traffic and weather on the 8th to bob imler in the WTO traffic center and Virginia 95 south ballad is quite slow beginning at route one in woodbridge exit one 61. The crash I now have the left lane fully blocked just after Dale City actually one 56. So to get by to the right very slowly on 95 south bounce. So be alert headed past lord and up ahead traffic comes to a stop in the main lane, the easy pass lanes get by without delay. 95 north pounding its volume up through Dale City to the academy's people travel on a Friday night. And on 66 eastbound and his road work on the left side, beginning at one 23 headed toward nutly street, interlude beltway also has road work on the right side at Arlington boulevard headed up towards 66 and that is getting very slow as well. And on Georgetown pike at utter back store road still on the scene of a crash, route 7 eastbound after Columbia pike single right lane is getting past the work zone. And traffic on the Maryland side is doing okay for the most part on the bellway through Montgomery and prince George's counties on 50 out to the bay bridge are running pretty well. 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway, not a whole lot happening on either, same with two 70 and in the district on Pennsylvania avenue, it is westbound near 38th, Texas avenue, and that the center of the westbound lanes are inbound aheaded toward the capitol blot by the crash, but headed toward Maryland, travel Ames are open also back in Virginia, eastbound, a Braddock road at Glenn park road, there is a crash in annandale. Well, whether you're moving down the street across the country or around the world, interstate moving has been delivering quality moves you can trust for over 75 years. Visit their website and move interstate dot com, bob Andrew WKB traffic. Now, to storm team four, meteorologist Mike stina. We will have a nice break from the heat and humidity for the next several days tonight looks perfect. Clear skies and cooler and lows will be in the 50

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