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Hello friends i'm excited to share a new interview with dr mark mattson. Dr mark madden is an adjunct professor of neuroscience at the johns hopkins university school of medicine and the former chief of the neuroscience research laboratory at the national institute on aging he is one of the most cited neuroscientist in the world with more than one hundred eighty thousand citations of his work noted. In the scientific literature dr matson's rigorous work has advanced scientific understanding of brain aging and identified fundamental aspects of age related neurodegenerative disorders including alzheimer's disease parkinson's disease his most notable contributions however have probably been that his role as the father of poor. Mrs and intermittent fasting. Four which is extraordinarily well known at the start of the interview. You'll hear a little bit more about why i was so excited to have this conversation with dr mattson. We're trying something new today with this episode and releasing the interview audio i exclusively on the foundmyfitness podcast feed for those of you listening. Also enjoy our in-depth video interviews. Don't worry we planned to release the full annotated video version of the interview very soon as many of you already know the post production work that goes into our videos is quite intense. And we just couldn't wait to share this conversation with you onto the important stuff in this episode. Dr mattson and i discuss. How hormetic stressors. Dr adaptation and prevent physiological complacency. How intermittent fasting improves health by promoting metabolic switching. How daily time restricted eating and five to weekly fasting compare how a genyk diet and intermittent fasting differ in terms of brain effects how exercising while intermittent fasting exerts additive effects. How plant based bioactive compounds induce hormetic stress..

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