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To Brian in Spokane Washington Brian you're in the market and show Hey you know I'm up in Washington state we have a red flag laws here and I got caught up on that in a divorce you know my wife claim that I was a danger to myself and others so it took me down to the hospital for seven seventy hearing and it got delayed so they did a kangaroo court I wasn't involved in it they ruled that I was there when I got out I went through the normal courts it's like you talk about art attorney everything other courts may never happen Washington state restored my gun rights which do you think everything will be better but because I was put on that red flag list I'm in the next to some of the danger and there's no way to get out of it so this is a game to take our guns away doesn't matter what Washington state courts say now the court Cinco de Mayo is a danger they can't understand your me really picnic the next bill that is being touted by all these folks is only apply to twenty five twenty four states Washington state not one of them we're not going to be one of them so there's no way out of it so I can carry a gun in Washington state and I'm not breaking state law but I'm breaking federal law I cannot buy again I can't clear the next system so there's no danger again the planet and it was all because my wife farmer summary but my wife at the time was told by her friend Hey called the recital that way you can take custody of the kids that ought to get out of here did you not I never had a chance to defend myself I'm never got it I never got you even if you will talk about the process I never got him to challenge might users there was nothing nothing like that they made the determination of the tunnel if you're so it is a dangerous game plan we can copy process but they have to have a way to get off the list that they put on a list and I again I got from what is by a ball state it's been very frustrating No Way Out now Brian this brother I'm sorry to hear that man I hope the best hopefully they can change that yeah you got a man thanks for the call the mark of insure appreciate very much eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one exactly what I mean just make a cut make an allegation is all it takes Diane is in upper Darby Pennsylvania hi Diane hi what a happy Friday the prize I did not know you're going to be guest hosting tonight well that you're here awesome I have a question about this red flag stuff the first people on the list the the people who who claim that they're triggered by everything you know triggered by words triggered by triggered by pleasures triggered by all right they triggered by Betsy Ross flags like that right right I need can we I mean I know everybody there too conservative this all cleaned up and not right now but for anyone no no because when they write the rules Diane it'll be that you say things that trigger people therefore you should lose your guns because if you say things that trigger people you don't have remorse you don't care about people therefore you might be a danger to other people because you say words a trigger them we blame the media because the media is awfully hateful he's a well they certainly are without question I mean the stuff that they pedal all the time calling the president a white supremacist and a racist imac that fires of grow crazy people on the left all the time it triggers and without question but no they'll they'll they'll they'll make it so that we can have guns based on whatever we say that they don't like it's mean it's hurtful if you object to the trans nonsense and we'll save your transfer over can you might commit a crime so therefore you shouldn't have guns you know if you say something about so you want the wall well that might be a full and we can't have you killing you know Mexicans so we have to take your guns they'll stretch it as far as they can die and you know it and I know it's not I have another question as far as the gals go well how have a total brain based diet and they're complaining that the cow are you know destroying our admin here and our confinement in all the other non band eight four weeks that eating meat and go to a total plant based diet I'm pretty sure we out number camel try to be a lot more on math in the air three points I always good to hear from you my friend thank you for listening on the mark of in show and my shows well by the way in the mornings on WHT eight seven seven three eight one three one one when we get back if you disagree with me you think these red flag laws are the answer tell me how we can protect due process rights tell me how it's compatible I don't see it but maybe you can set me straight rich is the only invertebrate one mark live in van.

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