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Going like this even notice a this is a ten AM we're going to need it six forty got my show mark Thompson is in the studio yes Sir reporting for duty and I I I I said mark I said you see this guy on on on TV he was playing in a big huge poker tournament and I got a royal flush it never seen that before and mark looked up and the guy had pocket queens he was down the guy they didn't get the raw flesh and pocket queens and there's a queen on the board I think project on the on the flop on the first on the first three cards which means is an amazing hand top top set they call a top three of a kind right at the top said probably wins ninety five percent of time now it says so I mean maybe ninety depending on them yes certainly not fifty yeah I know that's a great it's a great head you put all your money and with right in your head you put all his money and down and a guy in a row on the I EC river river it was a run run a runner yeah which means the last two cars were flipped over to run around means that you you know the next two cards are exactly what you need to make your hand right now you got a royal flush I mean if if you sit there if you could decide those forever kind beat a royal flush now nothing beats roughly that's the best time to poke around now I saw a royal flush in Las Vegas on three card you know and with that without three carjacker it's your three cars against the dealership right and so the guy had a king queen of clubs I was playing a game called let it ride in Las Vegas where you put on you put three bats out and you get two cards dealt you and you have to have tens or better you can take when your bets back after you look at your three cards if you don't have tens or better you can take a second but that be a leader third bed out and your cards with his to make at least yeah tense and it's a it the odds are not great yes right by no idiots played except me but you can also play you get to a spot we can play three card poker right in your the three cards you're dealt you're also playing that hand as three card poker and the dealer says looks are goes or you don't I was I was betting twenty five dollars a hand because all your you're not playing three card and I got now that's a a sucker bet over here exit doesn't pay as much as it does over at the other district three card poker tables and he goes okay I honest to god what's going the very next effing hand E. D. O. T. deals to me six two spades seven in spades eight of spades pays forty to one of your playing twenty five dollars a hand it's it was a two thousand dollar miss thousand dollar mistake thousand I would've been I would binge up so much money I would quit out of bed just going to play a punk Pennypacker penny video game you know the rest of the trip you're going to some night club and yeah kids them but but that's the hand that you that I could point to as that is where the slide started you can always point to one hand one roll the dice one poll the slot machine with the slide starts that you you start to slide down and you can't stop in you this is true I this is a weird thing because you feel as though you can even identify the moment where the law turns row yeah life turns whatever it is the right age turn on you and usually you can blame somebody else get out so like your life comes up in bars honored our fifty Bucks whatever you killed my mo Jo baby right now all the sudden I lose lose lose lose like I'm if I didn't stop and they about about but I mean you know my brother is a and your partners does your you know but maybe some people are going to Las Vegas for the holidays or whatever it is a lot of people do go down their Christmas time between the new year it's one of the busiest times is that right yeah well my brother's a big craps player he loved him because Tim's big craps player too and he does something which is kind of like what you're talking about which is like you know when your mo Jo is being broken or something and here's what he does sure it's got all this action out on the table but if somebody comes up to the table at the last second it says something or does something or some new player steps up at the last minute particularly he'll he'll yell to the guy take all my action down all my and I I tell him I know that doesn't matter whatever's happening but right it's the ultimate Balder move to yeah it just feels like a big time moves and it's a it's a real welcome mat to the new guy yeah enjoy enjoy the table as well having fun and that's the way gamblers are adult try now splaine a bad role based on the number you didn't see the way they'll give you the dice that was wrong they gave you the dice but first you like double clutched it because that woman was stepping up right drink like what yeah that's true I was the I was playing craps add Caesar's palace and I never I mean look if I I usually start to our box yeah I'm not you know and I'm not betting thousands because I don't have it if I had I would but there was a guy I a Texas guy next with a cowboy hat on cowboy boots cowboy belt you know big guy you know silver belt and and I'm rolling and he's gambling I'm rolling in these gambling and I I'm make the three or four I rolls and he's playing numbers and he hasn't hit anything at and I role is seven seven out in the clear all the chips and I didn't realize it I thought he was playing five dollar chips he was playing thousand dollar chips and he lost a hundred and forty five thousand dollars on my role right so are you standing next to me too right and I turned to end and I go Hey buddy I'm mortified I am so sorry that I did this puts his arm around me like we've known each other for every goes as far that came from wow hundred forty five thousand dollars on one hand and he's like I don't worry about a little but we'll get a yes that's my role it it it it had the same effect is if you and I had twenty five cents on the table while and the guys at all man I don't know yet a whole quarter after really sorry okay now this war quarters with that came from he had no effect check it out and they are great those guys are out there yeah around there are gonna take a small break here they will come back with the R. gamblers anonymous meeting to live I can't buy aims exporter grocers thanks in orange county claims the neighbors of a proposed hundred fifty bed shelter in Fulton won't even though the organising organization is their elimination foundation CEO Paul Leone says the homeless people at the shelter a want to be there so they follow the rules reporter and a sleep by nine o'clock sometimes earlier so there's no noise we just haven't had those kind of problems our neighbors have another shelters say the foundation runs in Anaheim that the shop foundations and Hyundai homeless people do hang around outside people aren't always bust in but one of the neighbors also says shelters presence has not been as bad as he thought it would be when it was first proposed captain York been trying to find a fourteen year old who jumped out of a car while on his way to be interviewed by police for the murder of a barn are college student who was apparently identified by police by a thirteen year old suspect who is now in custody ABC's every also Ruth chef says the young boy admitted to being involved in the stabbing last week but investigators say he's not the one who killed college freshman Tessa majors she was attacked and robbed on a park next to her school in Manhattan.

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