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P 7 Lando Norris for McLaren if you're mad at me about Esteban ocon akan pronunciation. You're in the wrong place. I'm just going to say that all year. Although, feel free to correct me and I'll try my best, I guess. P 8, so our P 7, we got Lando Norris for McLaren, P 8 Pierre gasly P 9 Kevin Magnussen for Haas and then all the way back at P ten getting only one point on the day you had Lewis Hamilton. A weird, humbling start to the year so far for Lewis Hamilton. He's just happy to be around and hanging around the top at all in Formula One. Here are the constructors standings right now. You've got Ferrari in first place with 78 points. Behind them, Mercedes and second with 38 points, Red Bulls and third right now at 37 points. The top two teams right now in Formula One are Red Bull and Ferrari, Red Bull had problems finishing the race during the first race of the year, but in Bahrain. But I don't know, man, I see a world where something's going to happen if Ferrari along this incredibly long season where it's going to be very quick that at some point, they're going to be closer and more neck and neck. But the two top teams right now in Formula One are very clearly Ferrari and Red Bull. Then you got Alpine in fourth place with 16 points. Hass is in 5th place with 12 points. Alfa Romeo in 9th is our Alfa romeos in 6th place with 9 points and then alpha tauri is in 7th with 8 points and then McLaren has points on the board. They got 6 points there and 8. Aston Martin and Williams have no points on the year so far and for Williams Nicholas Latifi had a horrible, horrible weekend at crashing qualifying. Then a crash again on Sunday during the race and I'm really curious if Williams can do anything to be relevant at all the entire year..

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