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Chinese disease outbreak staff WMAL news at five oh too good morning everyone I'm John Matthews there was plenty of chanting and sign waving and called for the ouster of governor Ralph nor them but the massive gun rights rally in Richmond managed to remain peaceful and gun rights advocates made their feelings known about propose gun control legislation I do think that you know Democrats have have listen to at least to some extent to this movement so far and given how big the turnout was I would imagine it'll have an impact on them Stephen good counts gear firearms policy it reporter with through Washington free beacon told W. I. males Larry o'connor rally goers will have to maintain that energy if they want to sway the vote in Richmond prince George's county fire officials are promising to review their staffing needs following a weekend house fire in new Carrollton they claimed the life of a fifty seven year old woman left just second victim in critical condition fire officials have confirmed a firefighter union claim that the three closest volunteer stations to the house fire were closed because there was no staff available the county's released a timeline that claims the victims were rescued between twelve and fourteen minutes after the fire was reported they also claim firefighters were on the scene within six and a half minutes about a minute slower than the department's goal opponents of the plan to add toll lanes for my two seventy to the American Legion Bridger trying new legislation to stop the project it would require any new toll road or bridge in the state to have the consent of the majority of the county built in Ben Ross with the Maryland transit opportunities coalition says the bill already has the backing of nearly seventy lawmakers and would give the rest of the state the veto power that eastern shore counties enjoyed for decades checking your money the Dow opens at twenty nine three forty eight the nasdaq at ninety three eighty nine in sports the wizard told off the pistons one of one hundred one hundred sixty one hundred twenty nine points for Bradley Beal was good for us you know because we you know we free those in our last year you know we we need to get our almost about it and get back in the right direction of playing good basketball and and women have to you know so it was a great afternoon night college hoops in Maryland women beat number seventeen Indiana on the men's side Virginia falls to NC state and former Redskins.

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