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Council the but the time but but everybody it's all about era ma and the path of destruction erma could really wreak havoc with so many lives in florida we don't know where we know there's evacuations there's gridlock there are scary models yeah that's what we're looking at katie att i know what it's like i've been through a hurricane but nath thing like erma florida is prepping you'd good luck finding water good luck figuring out what to do you're on your own if you stay put in key west there are certain areas where i would definitely would not chance it it and of course closer to the water you are it looks like from these models the scarier at peak times but no way to know that were just kind of speculating we we certainly can look at a model and see its track and see where it's headed and realize he adds definitely headed there the gridlock is supposedly ants as cars are just eking along unsettled as highways coming out of coming out of florida and eeking eeking along so well most people are finding other places will well away from florida to lay their head for at least a few days thousands of cars headed north caused the interstates backup than slow down and drivers waited for hours a gas station some ran out of gas ran out of fuel the governor try to take some steps to have more fuel delivered and ordered a temporary halt to toll collections thank goodness travelers stood in line for hours at airports the eastern coasts is where it's particularly scary miami dade broward palm beach county is all of them retired about six million people combined and they're saying people should get out now when i say they're saying florida governor rick scott warren thursday at a news conference if you wait until saturday or sunday when the high winds and rain are expected says smash south florida it will be too late and he's right says we can't save you when the storm starts here in the evacuation zanini to help you need to get out now saying don't leave saturday don't drive through florida with tropicalstorm force winds that i couldn't agree more on that or that's not what you wanna do any meaning mining no one should i go and then wait until right when.

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