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Is this the place your daughter's apartment was upstairs mr greg if you don't mind would went through the nightclub anything you say the senate oh roger oh back again if then uh rogers this is mr greg judy greg father hello mr rogers at rogers owns the building duty rented crumbling he uh he discovered your daughter the noted plotting effect and this is mr mrs nor north idiom is not that's right you a public book yes and judy was was what rogers nuts now forget the piano permitted rogers rogers how k you started to say something about ms greg judy he told me he was looking at the didn't tell me this before it nasty well let me ask you this have any idea why she might have committed suicide loud kick alone the big city offends maybe no loop could be he says that's case i'm gonna put it down i'm not sure i understand you mr rogers but if you really believe that my daughter was the type of it of taken our own life than you just didn't know shooting i know in this to bag at chick was he was the greatest mr rogers my daughter was murdered nama i'll take it easy mr greg rogers i'd like to have your paschi we're going upstairs deke yeah thanks all right let's go as going why didn't you open up until a mole story why there were added maybe i should it now let me a little doomed hugh ever read than that way hip you would they are enough i go you go to try to stop you and i couldn't in this mess because you don't know how to keep your mouth shut you just sit tight were in the clear if you don't i'm not going to like what happens to you and that's a promise i know my judy lived here even if i hadn't been told she's made it kind of a little home judy it's a she was good at that sort of thing just told easings to greg we won't be here too long ago don't your bed about me mrs north i'm all right now to see what bills doing caring find anything though as yet oh.

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