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Latest case of socalled swatting has happened arlington texas between dallas and fort worth abc's jim ryan is there and says the incident began with a nine one one call you shot your neighbor within a dozen officers were sent to the address provided by the caller scary against plundering me lay that far what i'm means says no one in his home made that call they didn't know that someone had spoofed their phone number and sent police to the location claiming they had shot their neighbor arlington police lieutenant chris cook supreme call a meeting at his family complied with officers orders and it all ended peacefully now investigators are trying to find the person who carried out the latest case of swatting jim ryan abc news arlington texas more children are attempting suicide says abc's jeff pohjola since two thousand eight the number of children hospitalized for suicidal thoughts or attempts has more than doubled dr gregory plummets conducted the study for vanderbilt university and found that the number of hospitalizations also depended on the time of year mortgage sort of care when school starts up in the summertime seems to be a little bit more protective while the cause for the increase has not been determined plummets points to the fact that this is the first generation that has grown up in the age of social media jeff pohjola abc news afford is resuming production of its will f one fifty pickup following a fire at a plant where the parts are made for the vehicle this is abc news komo aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours currently no blocking accidents or stalls to report but we do have construction happening around the puget sound area southbound highway one six seven slow because of a couple of lanes closed between thirty seventh street northwest and highway eighteen and that northbound i five and ongoing project we have three left lanes closed from state route five sixteen in the kent des moines area up through the duwamish curves and into downtown this your next report is coming.

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