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Make sure that it still had. Customers. Asking a wrong perception. Of Maine Five house, the potential that tobacco industry might be transformed. Yes in the way that the card. Moves trinet. Instant pay has move to create so the disruptions there. But those I think those are the elements why they why people in public health very challenged by this. Of its to me, because as I, said in this discussion that many of these people very pro drugs harm reduction drug policy fault. This is this underwear. And it comes to tobacco and if I strong because tobacco control, it is not an your sons, but he's a social movement so people. Can you feel? Passionate about and into smoking FA. My mind they've chosen to elements demand-reduction supply-reduction expense of a third one, which is hard reduction. That's very very well. Put them off from fascinated why? The so much antipathy to smoking and almost none to drinking. It's. I As, you know as we. Age. Was Day stigmatization! Stigmatized populations, nate pregnant in. Gauge. When I saw at smoking I started reading articles from public health experts who would argue with a using stigma to help people? Stigmatized smoke for their own benefit, because stigmatizes them to get their friends stigmatize them, and then gauge install. Only, It happens a little bit now with these increased fat. But. This how? To Council expose who announced talk about the benefits of stigma, so yeah, it is stigmatized, and that has following effect because many vapors in the early days. They said I used to smoke in stigmatize now vacant at the right thing, and I'm still sticking. Damned if you do and you don if you'd rent. Exploring a little bit more, the raw clear divide between what's going on in the UK, and what's going on in America? Where in the UK, when talked to my American, for instance, they weren't public housing lender supportive of vaping. NHS Wales is prescribing. With tobacco, juice or cigarette induced chronic lung disease to stop them having so many episodes of bronchitis center man in America. There's no rationality in this..

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