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Me power and extremely weight because it was the real man telling you the real story in an entirely authentic way and as a sort of magic ingredient that comes with that which is for everyone it's i could ceases to be modern amanda i would say it's a meditation on a life but it's also meditation on life all of our lives and that as this had this sort of magic ingredient of dealing with the truth and people communicating into audio frantically and there's something also that runs through a lot of the films to eve made way you can in of a specific subjects but universal trees are uncovered by this offhand comment and then in 1968 this happened or he six happen this is something i found out she in the air captain document shoot to life tough velgo came out everyone struggle with all these different things i am a cat since i'm laden'a quite how mad and batons for all the saddest childhood wolves in a shelter the kept on coming batsman of hoon's him at periodic times to his life and career and the sixday rodriguez film shows you combine these things that whistle universal trees uncovered is that something you kind of look four in someone's treatment oh they sort of accidentally happen all the notion of a good story is that these things become universal they have these echoed well i suppose were lilies annick approach means that would you produce this film i'm going to make their eric clapton i didn't know all those 'extraordinary universe will choose existed but the ambition we always take into every film we make his how can we tell this story on the isn't exactly my way that it can resume with as many people with broad an audience as possible and can we find within it those beats of a story that all fundamental to all of us there are about being a father being a son being apparent that are by insecurity there are about relationships with members of the opposite sex that are about your own insecurities that are about all the stuff that is in the eric film and if you can get a character who can communicate and articulate about those who struggles it is no longer becomes a member famous celebrity becomes a film about all of us and that we definitely look for that and old films remake.

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