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That's what about top selling candy, But here's the Chronicles. Giant speed writer Henry Shoulder KNBR 1045 6 80 sports leader Super Fun Friday Just a quick little just a quick little bit of news before we bring Henry in Cochin, go and play the news. Alert if you want. Jeff Passan A's outfielder Ramon Laureano suspension reduced to four games, meaning Down one. But it also means he will miss the three game weekend series against the Giants. On that new note. We'll make the hookup with San Francisco Chronicles Ace beat writer Henry Showman of the Sporting green. Good Morning, Henry on the Omagh guest line, Hydro man. I'm great. Welcome back from the grave from seeing the old grey lady for a few days. Ah, yeah, thank you. That was quite unexpected. John Branch Henry's talking about. I got to cover the PGA Championship for The New York Times. Let me tell you what Henry Bell editor at the New York Times, They're not afraid to get in there and editor But Wow, because you know, over here at the Chronicle, they're afraid of me on dear. Really afraid of Susan. So oh, that's good to know. You've built up enough street cred when you file a story there ain't some 2022 year old kid at SF State ain't touching Henry showman's giants. No way there you You better. You know what you're like. Hey, buddy, I saw tiny Felder at Candlestick Park. You can't tell me how to write this thing. All right, Hymie, Felder. Okay. Hey, Willie Mac Award winner, right. Right, Right. He's actually you must see tiny around. You want to talk about one of the all time? Good guys. Tiny Felder. Yeah, he really wass. He was one of those that they long run of Good guy Award or I'm sorry. Pulling back winners. Who? You know if you want. It was the kiss of death. You were gone the next year. Um, it was almost like it was. It was like clockwork. Almost so that in the various Jordan awards, they give out spray train, which is now the Barney delusional or you don't want to win that. A man. No dough. That's a curse. It's the kiss of death. Okay, so little Macro. Look here. The Giants Henry, 1/3 of the way through the season. Right. Here we go. 20 games down. 42 Go quote unquote in the playoff hunt. But if you had to describe this team, you know 20 games in to somebody who you know, came out of AA Desert Island and didn't know there was a pandemic. You know who are these? 2020 Giants? Placeholders. I think it's a good words, you know, I think that I mean, if you had one word Look, this is a rebuilding team. And if you look at the timetable of what you know, you would hope the time chamber would have been in a normal year. You know, last year they're losing record, but it was all better near before. This year would have been the year that maybe you hope they had, like a 2009 surprise where some of the prospects will be coming up by by around now and maybe show you something for the next year and then You know, maybe by 2021 yet, you know, you start to hope that maybe you can sneak into the playoffs as a wild card, But I mean, you know, the joy bar question remains huge. But this is a team that It really doesn't didn't have a way for the prospects to kind of get ready this here, so it's a year where you're still you're looking at a whole new bullpen, a whole bunch of big arms trying to see which one of these guys could stick. Um, you're looking at, you know you're trying to get some of your guys who are in the organization already. A few guys from the outside, see if there's some pieces and then you hope toe. Winnow it down. So that next year in 2121 you'll have the basis of a team. We start seeing the Ramos is in the Bart. You know, maybe even the Luciano will Wilson Guys have Actually, it's the picture The really tall 6 11 deli, right telly Right on Dumpster aged there, you know you hope that you take you know you'd taken Austin Slater and a Wandy Peralta, you go. Okay. These were guys who can You know, really help us down the road, then put them on the team next year with your You know your Sean jellies that you're Joey bars and all that, you know, you start start maybe seeing a little excitement, but this year, you know, it's it's They say they want to win, But to me, it's you know, it's trying to get through the schedule and evaluate Get Giants A's Tonight. Johnny Cueto against Frankie Montas. Frankie Montas Ale Player of the Week. And What do you make of Ah capital announcing, and he's going to join us today. By the way, at 9 45 he went ahead and announce his starters this weekend and he hasn't done that all year. What? Why do you do that? I I don't know. He must have had his brakes pipe Theo whiskey that we saw draining game if you're listening, gay bomb. Uh, yeah. You know what they finally have a rotation? That's why In the beginning of the year. They did at the beginning of the year. With all these guys going fewer pitches, um, you know, building up if you're only gonna have a guy throw 50 pitches to start. You know, maybe you know you You might need one of those guys. If another guy only goes in and maybe get one of these other guys out and have a belief or maybe you want to use an opener. Ah and upset your pictures a little differently. Maybe how gals coming in the middle of the game, And I think that may have actually happened once it happened with Smiley in Los Angeles. So you really didn't know what the next day starter is going to look, Lou, the next day starter would be until You know, you figured out how you got through the game and part of it was competitive. You know, Part of it was. I mean, Dave Roberts said It was gamesmanship in a little bit little bit, wass. But now look, I mean, you have Cueto. Followed by thousands followed by Web followed by Anderson. You have four starters. You know, these guys are all now throwing can all throw 80 90 pitches. You might as well put them in a rotation and actually The pitching matchups for this weekend. A really fantastic when you look at all three of them. Very much. So for sure on your right so that it kind of makes sense You got you got you got quite a you've got Gausman. He got Web and you don't like what you've seen with all these guys. And so he does. I wonder it forward. Yeah, You're just you're not going. I mean, there's no trickle. You can't. There's no trickery right now. I mean, you know, these guys were gonna pitch in turn. You're not going. Take one dying, move him up after throwing 80 pictures and take the other guy and moving back. It's going you could have with the office if you want to, But, you know, still the little excitement. You know, it's going to be quite a montage. It's going to be It's going to be owes. Ardo versus Gausman. It's going to be Logan Web versus Shaman IA A. Let's have a Siri's Yeah, for sure. And giants And don't forget, Henry. They're playing for the trophy. You know, I mean, Oh, yeah, Yeah. Yeah, that's somebody has something that they show on the end of the game for 30 seconds that none of the players wants to go out and get you guys I know. Okay. It was if you win it you have to. I don't know you can't. You can't go out for a ceremony because you got a distance or something. I don't know. And they have the three World Series trophy, sitting there on the promenade level of the ball park behind the press box store..

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