John Cassavetes, Unsteadiness discussed on The Archive Project


A lot of people are busy saying it. But the unsteadiness in this case, the ghost that has vanished from the room. Is The unasked question. What is it? We do need now. If it came along. Would we welcome it? Or send it from the room. The man who made love to the goat, the goat man, the jokester fool the artist may only be another exhausting degrading in steadiness, but he may also have something to tell us. He may know that. Ghosts are. Goats. At least in certain particular circumstances. Or the goats are what are required to frighten goes out of their hiding places and interview. Unfortunately. Perhaps. We can only decide on a case by case basis. There are no general rules in this game. We can only know. By listening. We're doomed to care. Even at the risk of perpetual disappointment. And perhaps. The only difference. will be whether the Goatman. Knows like John cassavetes. How to insert some. Stops into his performance. Those. Delicate indefinable moments where the real ghosts. Our human hearts flood back into the conversation. Thank you..

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