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They said that they are going to be carbon negative by twenty thirty, and they're going to be removing historical carbon emissions by twenty. Twenty fifty and they've also put together a one billion dollar climate innovation funded so these are the kinds of things are going to be looking for our companies are not only disclosing environmental information, but also putting out strong goals, and then letting investors know how they're doing against his goals, so you said Microsoft both bro in mice eyebrows went up because that was not what I was expecting you to say. How does it? How does a company reduce their do this? How do they? How are they going to do that? You know what I am not actually sure how they're going to go carbon negative. So that is something that I think remains to be seen Microsoft is a very innovative company. In the tech field, and they've done a lot of very interesting things like green. Data Centers. Trying to make their data centers more environmentally friendly, basically so a company like Microsoft I. Think you have to give them a lot of credit for actually having that innovative view things. Art Let's move on to talk about the S or social. The social compared to previous g investing has to do with looking at things like. How employees are treated at companies, looking at diversity statistics whether the companies are disclosing gender and racial diversity in their workforce how they treat! People of. Different genders and raises. It has to do with community whether they are giving back to communities, it has to do with product safety types of issues consumer safety. A lot of people are going to understand the social part, because we all understand what it's like to be an employee or a consumer, and how we are treated as that kind of a stakeholder. Company that you'd want to lift up as an example of doing something innovative with the s the social well, I think Oetzi is a good example of a.

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