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Roughly five foot nine inches all right age forty and above five nine age. Sixty five foot eight because you could shorter as you get older right fuck. I hope not never ever so crazy. Wow i mean so if you go around the world. The average height is different in all these countries. You don't say it's crazy. So how do you think. People are in india ever choice in india. Yeah five nine. Five foot five really. How about denmark denmark shit. I guess wrong every single time so i don't know five six. You're you're you're closed only off by five inches. Five foot eleven dammit. I knew it. I knew the one time. I wasn't going to say whatever. What's the next one. i dunno it. Just keep on the twenty countries through the different height. But it's a whole range from denmark. Germany norway france australia canada uk us south korea brazil. Singapore china japan and kenya mexico the india than yemen. I mean there's more to but it. It hurts at denmark at five foot. Eleven and a half and it was all the way down to yemen which is five for three yemen. Five foot three now. Okay and the. Us is five for nine and a half medicine though but they're taking stats from the cdc. Okay but so. I don't know whatever aliquippa. Pdf's answered is just because you want to feel that you're above average in height. Well if you just google average male height comes up five foot seven but then if you go into a specific websites. It's some different. So i think they're taking average of averages like it's the scene and pull gotcha john king relaxed okay jiang. Who doesn't like john calling the exit. Who the hell no. It's john king. Whatever john john king does the does the board thing thing but the polls is a chris. Chris did lia christa told the short guy the glasses they got. That wasn't taught jerking off on camera. Guys like jeffrey death. That guy i forget what he's always excited about polls he's he's he's always excited. This is john king's watching the or like or wolf blitzer doing that. Slow pan camera. Walk to john king's board lord. He's always taking the slow walk later. John king do we the top. Oh it's david chalian. David david chalian. You're talking about what's interesting is that this could really be the breakthrough number and you're looking for in the county of wayne in a dude. Yeah he's he. He gets really animated getting back into the swing of things. It's a new year. Do you have any plans. Everyone's everyone says new era new me new year new me. What what's your take. What are you doing so. I already have already have what i have started. It's a new year. It's a new plan not a new rick. Because he can't meet new beth. Just it's it's just putting some Connubial wax myself wax myself up myself. Do inform me. What the hell could nubile wax. Because sounds i. I'm hoping it's a brand name. But not like specific wexford. Something that specifically anyways. I have no idea what it can put it on fucking cars. Go on surfboards. Oh fantastic yes..

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