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Gonna talk. Highly misogynistic way, really appreciate the man's plane right now. Him various question about draft that. The way that the way we're. That's the way we're trained in dialectical behavior therapy. Tune. This is not a share circle doing good. Question and illegitimate one. And it's this. So candy had a great question. She was talking about college players. All right. So what's the deal Jake Browning? Is he set all sorts of records in the twelve? So and he's an undrafted free agent. Call you DFA, which is make us feel stupid. And you the FAA. Yeah. Well, they're trying to make it a thing. So Bob, here's the thing. This could mean one of two things the PacTel sucks. This guy said all the records, and no one cares in the NFL. Or there's something deeply missing with Jake Browning in that level up into the pros. I know there's the arm strength that cetera. So he got a record deal with Minnesota. But it's like one hundred forty thousand guarantee. Romi through this Jake does he suck does the husky? Suck is the Pac twelve. He doesn't suck the Pac twelve is down. It's not a great conference. Okay. The huskies were good. He's he's good. He's, but he was good at the college level against inferior competition compared to the NFL. He does have some questions about his arm strength and just his overall he regressed his sophomore year. He was out of this world. He was ridiculous. And then he regressed he did have a shoulder injury. And he regrets in terms of decision making. I think there's some questions about his decision making on the field. And when you make those kinds of mistakes at the college level, they look and say, all right? Well, what's he gonna do at the pro level where everybody out there at every position is the best at their school? Right. They were the studs at their school of their second-string on this team. So you start trying to extrapolate and right. Yeah. He was he was pretty good at that level. You knock it up. This many notches how good is he going to be there? So he signs a free agent. He was a free agent that comes out and signs with Vikings. Now, he's competing with for a spot with a team. That's already got three quarterbacks on the roster. Yeah. So we'll see what he does. So you would say that now at the year. You're you're -ticipant that they're going to pick up. Additional defensive lineman. Yes. Through free agency or something along those lines. Yeah. Is there really no one on the team right now who could step up into that role. That would actually is no one no sort of rising star that they expect. Or is it really sort of like this is kind of what we got. And we definitely need a big upgrade. They they don't have a proven commodity to take Frank Clark's place. They've got guys that have potential young guys from last year. Jacob Martin machine green who were rookie who had flashes here and there, but really really incomplete seasons. Jarran reed. Who's an interior linemen had ten sacks. But you don't expect that from an interior linemen year in your out outside of that. They don't have a speed rusher. They don't have that guy to step up and take that spot. We'll see if call is going to be a guy who can sort of take some of that pressure off. Maybe they do it by committee. Maybe it's not one guy that walks away with fourteen fifteen sacks season. It's a couple of guys that get six or seven each. We'll see what they do. But yeah, I think they're gonna go. After some veteran, let's wrap it up this way with the series guarantees. We're on the eleven and five. I think in the draft class who's gonna stand out who are the Seahawks. Bob, still dependent from the Bob and Tom show and seven ten ESPN Bob who's gonna stand out industry verifying marquees, Blair marquees, Blair safety. They took out of Utah, by everybody's estimation. Is just a beast out there. He's he's got that Kam chancellor persona in terms of I'm gonna hit you. I'm going to knock the ball loose. And I love it. Yeah. I don't know. What kind of interview is like, I can't tell you. Whether it's a good interview on the natural sound fun to me on the receiving end of it. But he's he's apparently a very big hitter. And that's that's the word on him. He's going to come out, and he's incredibly physical. So it'd.

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