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Senate hopeful in Arizona is drawing IRA on social media going viral online right now is a Facebook, post from Arizona Republican Senate hopeful Dr Kelli ward who has long spoken out against John McCain in that post she's commenting on a staffers post. Suggesting that the McCain family. Statement about deciding to end his cancer treatment on Friday was time to, hurt her campaign. That post has now been deleted but it was put up only hours before his death her campaign is now. Blaming the media for making something out of nothing orders running in Tuesday's Republican primary, she's hoping to win the seat being vacated by outgoing Senator Jeff flake a legendary writer for stage and screen Neil Simon dead at Ninety-one you'll. Simon was the, most successful, American playwright in history many. Of his plays were adapted for the screen like nineteen. Sixty seven's barefoot in the park, and in nineteen sixty eight the odd couple what's. Wrong with the system match what's wrong I don't think the single. Man living alone eight room Apartment should have a clean a house in my mother other memorable works, from Simon the goodbye girl and lost in Yonkers last. Once about, as formula for comedy there is no formula for it. I just hope that would I find funny the rest of America but find funding during a career that spanned five decades. Neil Simon was. Nominated for four Oscars and won three Tony. Awards Bill deal ABC news and this is ABC news It's time to join. The millions of people using zoom videoconferencing turn any size conference room, huddle room or executive office Zumra with flawless.

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