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Okay because as you know i mean the goal is to keep your blood sugar in this like super tight tight rope range where it's not too high because that's how you get complications like the blindness amputation and then not too low because then you can pass out and die on the spot so one thing i think is really interesting about i would think type in particular but for anyone who's on insulin is that insulin is a deadly medication i mean it's so dangerous i could i have had moments where i've accidentally giving myself too much and realized that i very well could have killed myself if i didn't realize it and it's like what are their medication would adopt send a patient home with two to guess at their doses i mean i don't take consistent amounts i have to guess it for every meal and anytime i get it wrong i could end up in the emergency room or worse and it's kind of overwhelming when actually think about that and i'm wondering yet can you tell me more about type two and then what some of the challenges are for you love for tight tune so i'm still a little confused on what's going on with my body i check my sugars twice a day with the glucose meter and that's just before breakfast and before dinner if they're fine on fine the only thing is with type two diabetes you're on pills and when you check your your blood sugar ended two hundred is just two hundred right you're doing anything there's nothing you know so is just there and then you're hoping it goes down so i used to be free to check them the check it in.

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